The Death of Central Banking, Government and The Birth of The Voluntary Era (Part2)


“Industry will divest power of its revenues by offering at less cost the services which power gets itself paid for. Federations will replace States, the loose but indissoluble chains of interest will succeed the despotism of men and of the Laws. The tendency towards government, the first passion of the Human Race, will cede to the free community the requirement of Civilized Men. The Era of Empire is over, the Era of Association begins…”Augustin Thierry (1795-1856)

In Part 1 of this post, I discussed the historical trend of centralization, how it has peaked and now about to collapse into the dustbin of history… The End of The Trend… The new trend is Decentralization… So let’s look at this trend in some more depth…

I would say the Decentralization trend started in the early Nineties (ironically as the E.U. was finishing enslaving Western Europe in its disastrous homage to the Soviet Union) with the internet… Think carefully about what the internet is… It is basically a decentralized method of sharing ideas, information, knowledge and wisdom… In a centralized world controlled by B.I.G. (Banking, Industry, Governments), knowledge sharing had been from the top down; up from the Universities and Schools, State Controlled Media (BBC etc), and the traditional gate keepers, Publishers, Newspapers, Television; down to the masses… Information was in the hands of those who could afford to fund and influence Universities, could afford to run a printing press for wide circulation of newspapers, could afford to pay newsreaders and sets, actors, recording equipment, and all the Broadcasting Regulations drain on the coffers… Information and Education in the analogue world was, as was everything else, in the hands of the same small clique of powerful wealthy Elites, who were able to control the narrative and therefore the direction of Society, down to the totalitarian micro-managed bizzaro hellhole otherwise known as Western “Civilization” today

Breaking the Monopoly of Information Control

I still find it somewhat of a mystery to this day how the Elites missed or allowed the Internet to develop to what it has become… Surely they must have known that direct exchange of information would bypass traditional gatekeepers, and would be obviously detrimental to the top down controlled narrative? For whatever reason, maybe call it Divine Intervention, the Internet was allowed to flourish for which we should all be eternally grateful

What the internet allowed was for free markets to operate in the exchange of information… No longer do you require a printing press or a broadcasting licence or any other barrier to competition that the Elites put up in order to maintain their monopoly over the minds of a dumbed down populace… You only need a laptop to read, and set up a website to broadcast, and you have the same platform as one of the big National Newspapers and have the digital technology to compete with mainstream content online… The beauty of the Internet Protocol is that it allows this free exchange of information neutrally; it doesn’t discriminate, information is just information that flows freely between a network of interconnected users… The decentralized peer to peer nature of the internet cuts out traditional gatekeepers, allowing anybody and everybody a voice, pushing innovation to the periphery of the network, to its peers (you and me)… So now you and I can directly compete with the Guardian, or The Telegraph, or any other of the Elite Mouthpiece Intelligence Services fronts that the modern Lamestream Media has become… Now they have competition… The monopoly has been broken

Competition and The Information War

Even though you might have the same platform as a multinational media corporation, you still don’t have the resources, the reputation or the readership of the Establishment mouthpieces, still trusted and revered by the brainwashed ignorant masses… And so in the early years the internet might have not made an impact against the monopoly of the mainstream… However, over time the laws of the markets kick in… As the Media becomes more centrally controlled and increasingly directs the immoral, depraved and totalitarian Elite Narrative upon society, more and more people start waking up increasingly aware of how dumbed down they have become, concerned at the increasingly dysfunctional corrupt direction Society is taking, and take to the only source of free information that of the World Wide Web… Finding information that is both contrarian and enlightening, the Elite Cultural Programming starts breaking down… You research for a long enough time and consume information where you can find it, build a network of trusted sources which will naturally change as you find other, better, more consistent sources… After enough research and when you think you are knowledgeable enough to start pushing your own narrative, you start a blog and you start writing…

This free market in information starts snowballing, as more and more start questioning the controlled narrative… The more the Establishment Media push the insane Elite Narrative, the worse and more useless Mainstream Media sources become, which necessarily drives more and more to get their information from decentralized sources, which drives further the quality of that same information and quest for truth on the Internet… The more readers and researchers that are consuming information and checking sources and then challenging those sources by offering a new or different opinion or research, the more information is refined and the more accurate and useful it becomes… Like worms at the bottom of the garden compost heap, sifting through endless garbage for nuggets of insight and truth… Filtering the best information the worms take it higher and closer to the light, where there are more worms which filter and refine it even further… Unlike the Controlled Media, this is a decentralized, competitive, mostly self funded (Free), Anarchic Media, utilizing the three basic elements of any properly functioning free market; co-operation, competition, and emulation (copying)

So we have in essence here, competition versus monopoly, anarchy versus control, decentralization versus centralization… Your logic should tell you when you have a monopoly on information, information will get worse over a period of time as the cost of procuring it rises; while on the other hand when you have competition in information, information will get better over time as the cost of procuring it decreases… Now look what has happened in the last twenty years; while the Boomers might still be watching Television, millennials and younger are increasingly seeking information online, the newspaper industry has increasingly been rendered obsolete and forced to provide online free content in face of the free information of millions of individual readers, researchers and writers… The results are predictable; the Mainstream Media today is really a shadow of its former self and will disappear soon along with Elite Control of B.I.G. (Banking, Industry, Government), while the so-called Alternative Media (although infiltrated with disinfo agents and controlled opposition) has really exploded since the 2008 Financial Crisis… While I fully concede that the Mainstream Media Elite mouthpieces still control the narrative and the Alternative Media is still reactive to the Mainstream Narrative, we will soon reach a tipping point (I predict before the end of 2016) where the Alternative Media will start setting the narrative, and whatever is left of the Legacy Mainstream Media will be reactive to the Alternative Narrative… The future trend should be clear to observe, the Elites have and will lose control of the Information War and will be rendered obsolete by the exposure to light and truth of the decentralization of information exchange

The implications of the end of the Information War could not be more profound… Paraphrasing Lew Rockwell, when the State loses its grip over your mind, it loses the key to its very survival… The control the Elites have over you (control over the currency, the legal system and Government coercion), is the control you give them over your mind… A fraction of one per cent control over ninety nine percent of the Earth’s population through mind control… Seeing through the fraud of the currency and control system is freeing yourself from that mind control, and educating others as far as you can… That is why I refer to the Fiat Ponzi System as a confidence scheme, because it is… The system is dependent upon the continued mind control and programming of enough of the populace to keep the rape of Society ongoing, mind control which is breaking downThe Internet was a major game changer

Decentralization of Trade

The Internet as well as allowing the exchange of information, allows for exchange of production on a global scale… Before the internet you were limited to your local shop or town stores or catalogues in order to satisfy your narrow wants and needs, but with the advent of the internet you can buy and sell with potentially anyone else on Earth… You are no longer limited in what and where you can buy and sell, as the internet has abolished all borders… While physical goods and services still have physical borders, parasitic Government Customs, Nationalized Post Services in many Countries which like any other monopoly gets worse over time as its cost increases; Government and Postal monopolies will not be with us that much longer and will be replaced with a free market solution, which you know in a competitive environment the standard of that service will improve as the cost of the services decreases…

The Internet has given us the opportunity for peer to peer trade on a totally mind blowing scale… The early days of potential as a conduit for trade morphed into the central bank credit fueled insanity of the Dot Com Bubble (2001) and pop where mere domain names and websites traded at millions and tens of millions of dollars before crashing, by now online shopping has now become commonplace for most of all of us… It is by far the most convenient method for buying goods and services that cannot be found conveniently locally or specialist goods and services that can only be sourced internationally; on the hand it offers producers the world market for the cost and effort of setting up a website and online shop… While there are Online Retail centralized behemoths (think Amazon) that control much of online retail today, again the natural trend will tend toward decentralization… Amazon is a product storage warehouse and counter-party between online buyers and sellers at the end of the day, it doesn’t really provide much else except for the slick website and shopping experience… The natural trend will be toward eliminating counter-parties, eliminating needless middleman fees and needless middleman counter-party risk… Why work through Amazon, when there will soon be this?! Make no mistake about it, the future is peer 2 peer

Decentralization of Currency (Money)

So we have decentralization of information and the decentralization of trade, so what comes next? The answer is the decentralization of currency and money… This should be logical and obvious… You have peer to peer information exchange and peer to peer goods and services exchange, but for both to be maximized to their near infinite potential, sooner or later the currency has to be decentralized… The Internet renders borders and impediments to exchange obsolete, and yet our current fragmented Legacy Banking System is bordered, Nationalistic, archaic and with so many capital controls and impediments it has become virtually unusable… You still have over one hundred and ninety anachronistic national paper and digital currencies which you have to convert to go abroad (The Forex Industry), there are myriad capital controls upon your own money, which is after all your stored sweat, labour and resources… Even though it’s your own money, you cannot do with it what you please… The taxman (the unmasked thief in the suit and tie) for example can access your account at will for whatever he deems you owe the State for its “services”, you can be put under surveillance for “suspicious” account activities, you can even have your bank account closed down and your money confiscated… There is no such thing as privacy in a Centrally Planned world… The medium of exchange you are FORCED to exchange your goods and services otherwise known as “Legal” Tender Laws, is yours only as long as someone else tells you how much of it you can keep, and tells you what you can do with what remains… This is the slavery of a Central Banking system that holds you hostage without security or privacy of your own property, or as Lenin is purported to have put it, “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communising a nation…” Well, yes, quite…

Here again we have a monopoly and as with every monopoly the quality of the goods (purchasing power and utility) decreases over a period of time, while the cost of the goods (banking bailouts and regulatory oversight) increases over a given period… In short, being compelled to exchange and save in the money of Central Bankers is the fastest way to the poorhouse as anyone who has to work for a living will attest… However as I described in my last post, peak centralization and monopoly leads to collapse, from which the Centrally Planned system cannot recover… Banking is effectively obsolete and insolvent and has been these seven long miserable years since 2008, and it will take the hard earned savings of a whole generation of savers and pension and investment holders to hyperinflate these insolvent debts away… Carnage, meltdown, rioting, and lynchings… So the next obvious question is, what comes in its place?

Competing Currencies (Money)

Once the banking monopoly has gone down in flames, life, community and society does not just exist in a timeless vacuum… While there will no doubt be widespread disruption, pain and misery in the aftermath of Fiat meltdown, and many dependent on State Welfare will have to do something productive for the first time in their life, people will do what they have to, to surviveThose who have invested wisely and prepared thoroughly will flourish more than those who have not… The base of the recovery and re-adaption to the reality of a post state world, will of course be voluntary exchange… If you can stockpile tradeable barter items, then you have something to exchange for something else you might want… But in this vacuum of money while life returns to normality, barter will only last so long, as I extensively showed in my second post, barter and the double-coincidence of wants will naturally lead from direct exchange to indirect exchange, to common mediums of exchange, to money… After the Elites have lost control of the money supply and by extension their very existence as controllers of coercive power, a natural competitive market will arise for money once again

The Prime Candidate

Gold and Silver… The eternal money the world over… But this time is different, right? Well, obviously not… Gold and silver will play a major part in the future of money… Precious metals are durable, portable, divisible, and have an intrinsic scarcity that cannot be created out of thin air by counterfeiting criminals, in short they make a perfect money… Gold (and Silver) is money… It is a hard asset that can be stored securely and you’ll always know it will be there when you need it, that it will always have value just because of its nature, something you will not be able to say about your bank account or the cash under your mattress soon… Gold (and silver) is your savings, your insurance policy, your pension, and your gift to your descendents all rolled into one

All that said, it should be clear that a purely physical exchange of gold and silver coins could only happen on a localized basis, and while gold and silver would most likely be exchanged globally, physical exchange of precious metals would be laborious and would very soon be rendered obsolete by superior methods in a globalized, and increasingly decentralizing world… You have digital exchange of information, digital trade of physical and digital goods and services, but physical monies to facilitate all this exchange of both ideas, and production???!!! Well, obviously not… While you may hold the vast majority of your wealth in physical precious metals, if you want to exchange outside your locality, globally, you will need to cede counter-party risk and hold some of your physical wealth in digital form…

Digital Currencies

While in a world of competing digital currencies backed by physical precious metals you will able to trade in any currency, in any type of physical/digital exchange platform you want, these will tend to scale to their market size, whether local, national or international; over time in order to eliminate friction in exchange, a global currency will emerge, a Standard… An efficient global market needs only one (or two) monies, as the five thousand + history of gold (and silver) as near universal monies is blatant proof… So what we are really talking about here is a Digital Gold Standard… While this Digital Gold Standard could be done by an interconnected SWIFT style interbank bullion system (and no doubt this will happen to some extent), banks carry counter-party risk and would be inherently inferior to an interconnected but distributed and decentralized network of exchanges using the same global platform… In short why have a banking system with centralized and opaque accounting ledgers, when you can have one global decentralized open source accounting ledger with no counter-party risk? Even shorter, Bitcoin Kills Banks… Enter Blockchain Technology…

A Digital Trading Layer For Physical Property

I will dedicate a full post to how the physical/digital interface between physical property and digital ownership of it will likely work, but to be clear if the Internet was the first game changer in the decentralization of information, then blockchain technology was the second BIGGER game changer in the decentralization of ownership of property, you just don’t know it yet

Bitcoin is one blockchain, and currently the only globally scalable one… It is a six year open source experiment and has captured my imagination for the last two years… It has died a thousand deaths and been decried by all the so-called “experts” as a ponzi scheme and a libertarian hopium wet dream that will soon collapse, then soon, then soon again, and yet six years later here it still is… It is still relatively unknown and not understood among the general public, the mainstream media, and large sections of the alt media, yet when you look at its fundamentals it has never been stronger… Mining resources in terms of computing power is getting stronger making the blockchain itself stronger, transactions are increasing, adoption rates are steadily increasing, and venture capital is flooding into all sorts of possible applications, from Fiat Legacy Banking gateways, to commodity exchanges, to smart contracts, to securities… Only lately have the Legacy Banks started to take a keen interest and fund research into its staggering potential

As regards its price and volatility and a frequent source of mockery for the peanut gallery of “experts”, to be clear we are still in the speculative phase of Bitcoin in the wild west of trading swings and volatility, with its mainstream adaption seemingly ever distant, and the declining currency value these last eighteen months putting off a lot of those that would hope to use it as an alternative to the crumbling Central Banking system in the ever increasing list of bankrupt banana republics… Yet despite its rapidly dwindling price since that November 2013 spike, merchant and consumer adoption has been steadily rising, and indeed this is the next stage, the medium of exchange stage

This is the first physical property layer, that of your goods and services… You work hard to provide a good or service which you convert by exchange to currency, in other words you get paid… If you get paid in Fiat money (dollars, pounds, etc) you are accepting to exchange into a currency that robs you blind and puts you in a straight-jacket, hostage to your own dwindling fortune… You can dodge every capital control that could ever exist in the Fiat Banking System, by just accepting Bitcoin as your medium of exchange for your goods and servicesWhat you are effectively doing is giving the value of your goods and services to the Bitcoin ecosystem, rather than fund the wars of Central Bankers… By accepting Bitcoin as your medium of exchange you are opting out of debt slavery and into a mathematically pre-determined cryptographically secure digital currency with intrinsic scarcity

The Scarce Money Concept

So let’s do a quick thought experiment; let’s imagine the world population tomorrow switched from using national fiat currencies, to using Bitcoin… The Gross Domestic Product (total value of goods and services exchanged) of the globe today in U.S dollar terms is approximately $70 Trillion ($70,000,000,000,000), so convert that into a potential figure for the Bitcoin ecosystemThere are and can only ever be 21 million (21,000,000) Bitcoins (units of currency), so let’s take that maximum cap and divide 21 million by $70 Trillion… The figure you will get is $3, 333,333.33, three and a third million dollars each, per Bitcoin… Do I need to repeat that? That is one year’s Gross Domestic Product, add another year and a Bitcoin trading today for just over two hundred dollars would be worth six and a half million dollars… That would translate to an annual fifty percent deflation, otherwise stated your purchasing power DOUBLED in one year… Add another year’s G.D.P and your purchasing power would increase by another THIRD, and so on… This does not include any other property, only goods and services exchanged in Bitcoin… Just think about that

In analogy, think of a currency (money) as a bucket into to which you pour water, and think of this water as the goods and services of a productive economy… The water (goods and services) will always be the same, flowing maybe slower or faster (depending on how despotic the Rule), but still flowing into the bucket as any and all Human Action is the creation of wealth… This bucket would over time fill as the standards of living increased for everybody, in other words use of scarce stable money (gold and silver) creating deflation for all… Now here come the central bankers and drill a big hole in the bottom of the bucket covertly, from whence the water is siphoned off by counterfeiting Elites to fund Wars, Welfare and the Centrally Planned corrupted distorted destruction of society; by using Fiat currency you are really funding your own destruction… The water in the bucket drops as more is siphoned off and as society gets ever poorer until there is no more water, and at that point when the bucket is empty, we collapse; you cannot consume what has not been produced… The Bitcoin bucket has no hole… The more water you pour in, the more the water rises in the bucket as standards of living increase, until that bucket overfloweth for everyone… An intrinsically scarce currency, whether physical OR digital, will increase the living standards of the whole of society, which means less time working and more time at home with the ones you love, which is what life should be about…


The Decline of the Nation State and increasing secession movements over the West alongside the visible breakdown of B.I.G. (Banking, Industry and Government) control over a terminally Centrally Planned world should make clear, we have reached and passed Peak Centralization and soon to collapse… The real trend of decentralization began in the mid nineties with the commercialization of the internet, and the decentralization of (and competition for) information has eroded and increasingly rendered obsolete the traditional gatekeepers of the Mainstream Elite mouthpiece media and been replaced by a vibrant Alternative Media, where competition for ideas, information, and knowledge on a global level is leading to a revolution of consciousness in the near future… The global peer to peer exchange of information on the internet has also lead to increasing global exchange of goods and services both virtual and physical, trade which in absence of Government Central Planning will get ever more global and ever more decentralized and efficient, as needless middlemen, counter-party risk and cost are replaced with person to person interfaces that distributed digital technology affords… Once information and trade has been freed, the next shoe to drop is the currency (money) as a medium of exchange for information and goods and servicesIn this world of competing physical and digital currencies and monies, a balance will be achieved between the security and tangibility of physical stores of value, and the utility and global scalability of digital currencies… Of these competing digital currencies, Blockchain Technology carries with it the most promise as its transfer protocol does not have clearing houses (banks) and therefore no counter-party risk, which also in short run renders Governments and Banks obsolete… Bitcoin is currently the only global scalable blockchain, and is growing in power despite the fluctuating value… While I personally think that Bitcoin is unstoppable and has been really for a while, I freely admit that Bitcoin could die tomorrow… But the fundamental invention of the blockchain does not die… This amazing idea which has been proven to work for the last six years cannot be undone, and has spawned hundreds of imitations and in many instances superior alternative coins (blockchains), but do not have the scalabilty and first mover advantage of Bitcoin… So blockchain technology and crypto-currencies are here to stay one way or another… In a world of competing currencies, it is the market that decides which currencies have the most Marginal Utility, but I think it will be Bitcoin…

I’m not some hopium smoking Libertarian who believes in unicorns so while I understand the power of Bitcoin to fundamentally change everybody’s future, I’m well aware that hardly anybody else understands it… So I’ll spell it out… I know that people are too stupid or ignorant or lazy to invest a bit of time in understanding and using an alternative currency to our State mandated fiat voluntarily, I understand that… Only an external crisis will drive widespread adoption of Bitcoin and other competing physical and digital currencies, and Bitcoin is the only currency that can connect on a global scale at this current timeThe world is about to have a one world currency, but a decentralized, distributed mathematical currency, unable to be issued or inflated by central bankers and governments; think of it as a public resource that belongs to no-one and everyone, exactly like the internet

The calamity that is about to befall Western “Civilization” will shock the West to its very core, and will FORCE some very hard choices upon society, as hundreds of millions will see their savings, pensions, inflated house price values, and anything else they were to stupid enough not to pull from the Legacy Banking System, vanish… There will be spectacular social upheaval of that you can be assured, not to forget we now live in a 24/7 mainstream and alternative social media, and what’s remaining of the Mainstream Media cannot I believe control the narrative from there on… Consider that most of the West under a certain age is glued to screen of a mobile phone in his/her waking hours consuming some kind of social media information or “news”, is it really a simple matter of downloading a Bitcoin wallet application and you have a built in bank in your phone… It really is as easy as that to be connected to a global currency with no capital controls, sovereign private property… And it will become even easier when people are desperate and starving…

If everybody stopped using Bitcoin tomorrow, its value would drop to zero and it could legitimately called a Ponzi Scheme… If everyone started using Bitcoin tomorrow, poverty would be eliminated inside a few years and a rapidly rising standard of living that intrinsically scarce competitive currencies would give the whole of the world would allow everyone to work less, retire early and enjoy the finer things in life in rising comfort… All this is as easy as switching from one currency to another… From dying fiat monopoly, to blooming currency competition…  The difference between Heaven (Traditionalism) and Hell (Modernity) is which currency you CHOOSE to accept for your hard earned goods and servicesYou all have free will… To put on my Neo-Con mask for this last sentence, only an external crisis can drive widespread Bitcoin adoption, and an epic external crisis we are about to get…

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