Bitcoin Adoption Demographics – Why The Millennials Bail Out The Boomers


This post will discuss how the mass adaption of Bitcoin (and decentralized financial systems in general) will likely play out as the decentralization trend starts to engulf the current bankrupt moribund centralized system, and how the adoption will develop between the generations namely the Boomers and the Millennials… I will give a detailed description of this generational clash and where the vested interests in this centralized corrupt financial system lies, and in whose interest it is to ditch inflationary impoverishment for a competitive and deflationary decentralized financial system… I will also discuss technological trends and how this will affect demographic adoption between the generations, before hopefully demonstrating that it will be the debt ridden younger generation(s) who will drive Bitcoin mass adoption and will in the process bailout the older generation(s) as they are about to be shattered and wiped out by the disintegration of the centralized debt based system… We live in interesting times

Centralization vs Decentralization Trends – The Eternal Struggle

A central theme of my writing has been the Centralization and Decentralization trends of history and how they ebb and flow, following cyclical waves… For the first five centuries after Christ, the Roman Empire maintained hegemony over the West before succumbing to the warfare, welfare and monetary debasement that is ironically upon us again in the here and now fifteen centuries later… For a thousand years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire (27BC – 476AD), Europe existed as a localized and inter-connected feudal system of laws built around property and family rights, and a social hierarchy to distinguish property owners from renters and the privileges and responsibilities on the shoulders of these social classes… This Millennial supercycle of decentralized and localized rule by a natural aristocracy and feudal kingdoms was usurped during and after the Protestant Reformation (1517-1648) and Thirty Year War (1618-1648) by Absolutist Monarchies (for England, Wales, and Ireland, The Tudors and Henry VIII (1491-1557))… An absolutist monarch claims a higher law than his subjects and centralizes rule so society moves from local to national and under a monopolist ruler who now demands tribute and taxes to administrate laws and liberties that he stole from you in the first place, and why this could not have been pulled of without the brainwashing deviousness and duplicity of the intellectual class… In effect with the end of feudalism and capitalism (sovereign private property) to be replaced with absolutism and socialism, the State is born

The last 500 supercycle of history has been the centralization of government, industry and banking… From Absolutist Monarchs come Constitutional Monarchies which although conservative in nature will inevitably over-reach and create popular (and privately financed) revolutions, which in turn over throw monarchs to be replaced with Democracy and Bureaucracy… The trend of the centralization of the means of production begins with the Industrial Revolution (1750-1850) mechanizing (and centralizing) agriculture in the countryside with the surplus labour of an unprecedented population boom leaving the agricultural countryside to form new towns and cities and employed in (centralized) factories making machines and finished goods for exchange, with a privately financed (yes no government involved!) network of roads and railways connecting urban and rural populations, that sums up the Industrial Revolution in a nutshell… The population boom and mechanization of agriculture and manufacturing allows a vastly increased division of labour and brings an unprecedented rise in the material standards of living (wealth) for the European and later American populations, and to service this increased prosperity is of course, the Banking Industry… That the rise of Banking in Europe is during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century (Industrial Revolution 1750-1850) should not come as a surprise, and as we have the rise of Banking and finance we also have the rise of Empire in the second half of the Nineteenth Century notably in Britain, France, Germany and the U.S. (after the Civil War), and this imperial struggle eventually ends in the horror and destruction and de-civilization of the First World War leading to the dismantling of monarchies and the rise of Democracy (Communism, National Socialism, Fascism)…

The 20th Century – Central Banking And War

The fullest expression of a centralized and oppressive world of batshit totalitarian governments is Central Banking… A Central Bank is instituted by a State (and its blackmailers, lobbyists and bribers) solely for the purposes of War and Empire, so that Empires and War is not funded privately but publicly stolen through inflating the currency and debasing the purchasing power of the masses and common man… But even given Legal Monopoly and Legal Tender privileges Central Banks are initially still chained and muzzled by free market forces and money, the scarcity of gold and silver… To abolish these chains of scarcity and to really pillage the purchasing power of currency they must unchain from the shackles of a metallic standard of money and replace it with infinitely printable Fiat paper money which was carried out in roughly three parts, the destruction of the Classical Gold Standard in 1914 for money printing the First World War, the Bretton Woods System in the course of money printing the Second World War, and finally the complete severing of the link to gold to money to print the Vietnam War with the Nixon Shock of 1971…

Since 1971 we have lived in a completely debt based system which basically means unlimited credit creation and the enrichment of a fraction of the top one per cent at the expense of the rest of populace, purchasing power is stripped from the poorest and the productive and redistributed through inflation and taxation and mis-allocation in perpetuating the ponzi financialization of all aspects of modern life, from boom and bust bubble economy to dumbed down compulsory education and university system and a woeful mainstream media and print to the insufferable bureaucracy of the modern workplace, to the governmental over-reach and increasing totalitarianism that is destroying individual, family formation and therefore society and the future… Nearly fifty years of debasement of the human waste that is Socialist Democracy has hollowed out the U.S, blew the Middle East to smithereens and unleashed a refugee crisis that is engulfing the bankrupt and desperate European globalist project, in short wherever you look, Japan, China, South America, Africa, The Middle East, Europe, the US, everything is coming to head as Empires will again inevitably print and debase themselves into collapse… History does not repeat, but it does rhyme

Peak Centralization And Collapse

While half a century of unlimited credit creation, debasement, warfare and welfare is but a tiny speck in the thousands of years of a stable commodity backed monetary system, anyone that has spent his or her lifetime in this paradigm knows of nothing else… Over the last two generations of inflation and increasing debt we have come to take some things for granted, such as rising costs of living today and tomorrow, rising cost of assets (house, car, land, commodities) that will further indebt society and disenfranchise the poorest over time, which is what we have seen and are seeing right now with even the Boomer Generation beginning to concede that their children and their grandchildren (Generation X, Y and Z) will be poorer and worse off than they were… But since most people who work hard and produce into a system that impoverishes them haven’t a clue of economics or history or geopolitics they just accept this as the way of the world, and that this is how things will always will be… This fifty year money printing boom that has distorted money, interest rates, price discovery in every sector of the economy, that has enslaved the Western World in ridonculous amounts of debt that can never repaid and therefore will HAVE to be extinguished by currency devaluations, that has destroyed family formation amongst Gen X and Millennial Generations, that has spawned a perverse social engineering arm of the state to effectively destroy the family unit, is what we today call normality… This is also known as Normalcy Bias and this irrational ignorance towards normality, that this is how things will always be, will be exactly the reason that barely anyone will see or be able to prepare in time for the inevitable collapse of our current centralized debt based monetary and financial system… You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality will be the reason that so much of society will be completely blindsided by the sea-change that is soon going to engulf the West…

The Decentralization Trend – Consuming Centralization

If the Twentieth Century was peak centralization at the end of a five hundred year centralization cycle, then the Twenty First Century will be the century of decentralization and the distribution of power… The first blow for decentralization was struck in early Nineteen Nineties with the advent of the public internet and the beginning of a new method for disseminating information… Previously it was only the Elite Class that had the means and the access for the mass dissemination of propaganda information through its ownership of the means of production, educational institutions (Compulsory Public Education from 4-16, Universities from 16-21+), publicly owned media apparatus (The BBC for example) and by control of the captured mainstream media (the press, newspapers, radio and television stations) by collusion with intelligence spooks since the end of World War II… Information and Education was dictated from the top down and manipulated and tailored to the Elite’s Agenda over the masses, that of indoctrinating compliant debt and tax serfs in funding their enrichment and the destruction of society at large simply by attacking the traditional cornerstones of the individual, the family, and local community

This monopoly of informational control was disrupted and fractured by the internet decentralizing information dissemination by an electronic protocol that allowed peer to peer information exchange… No longer did you need a printing press or a broadcast licence or any other of the prohibitive costs and barriers that the Elites put up to monopolize information, you simply needed a computer and set up a website or blog and start broadcasting your own content to the world bypassing traditional gatekeepers and shills… As the internet had to start from scratch it had little use in the really early days however a generation later it is well established and is visibly consuming the legacy top down media apparatus and replacing it with a bottom up social media apparatus… After only a generation (twenty years) the internet has morphed into an incredible public resource of knowledge, wisdom and power if only you know where to look… As I discussed in a previous post that gives a more comprehensive overview of the decentralization dynamic, I predicted that the tipping point where the decentralized media would stop being reactive to the narrative of the mainstream and that the mainstream would be reacting to the alternative social media, would be reached by the end of 2016… While I was maybe premature in my prediction, when I look around at the condition of the mainstream media in terms of cratering viewing figures (especially amongst Gen X and Millennials), increasing losses forcing more cutbacks closures and lowering the standard of the shit they churn out even more, and when I also look the amazing talent and informative writing and comment on the internet and social media I come to the conclusion that this is only matter of time until the legacy media is consumed completely which would only be accelerated by the collapse of the banking system and government and further starving of funds… We are near or at the tipping point in this eternal struggle, and why this has to be one of the most exciting times in history to be alive!

Internet – From E-Mail to E-Commerce

The second blow for decentralization and distribution was the morphing of the internet from a direct information exchange vehicle to a direct exchange vehicle for goods and services both digital and physical… The second application of the distributed internet protocol was the exchange of goods and services and made decentralized trade global… It was this mind blowing potential (and the unlimited credit creation of an unhinged Central Banking system) that unleashed the Dot Com Bubble which popped in 2001 and which set up the 2008 crash, but nevertheless direct global trade was an is an extremely important development in the decentralization trend although we have to understand in the context of a centralized monetary and financial system… This decentralized trade has been hobbled and deformed by fiat money into corporations acting as middlemen and gatekeepers for hoovering up cuts and kickbacks and skimming operations over the voluntary exchange of producers and consumers… This is centralized decentralized trade hindered by borders, customs and excise, bank accounts and law and jurisdiction, shorter still Government power and meddling… Corporate behemoths like Amazon, E-bay, and Paypal are convenience middlemen that only exist thanks to legislation and limits put upon producers and consumers through the banking system and the limits of your bank accounts that you are compelled to use for payment of taxes backed by the implicit threat of taxmen and prisons… This is a huge and inefficient (and incredibly evil) bottleneck in the larger secular decentralization trend and so the next logical focus for disruption is the financial and legal system itself as the fullest expression of the distribution of power in society and liberty… It’s the money, stupid!

Decentralization Full Retard – E-mail, E-Commerce, E-Money

The third and fatal blow struck by the decentralization trend took twenty years of cypher punking and various unsuccessful experimentations with digital currencies, until a shadowy programmer released an open source digital protocol that allowed person to person transfers of wealth without the use of a middleman, an astounding technological invention and feat… While I believe the future of currency will be a combination of precious metals and digital (and local paper) currencies competing to all manner of economies of scale, my writing has been near exclusively on the Bitcoin Blockchain, as the first and currently the only globally scaleable blockchain which I have discussed in detail in past posts in the context of overview, gold, banking, property and law, barter and exchange, credit and currency, technology and the halveningBlockchain technology distributes the power over money and law by eliminating monetary and legal middlemen, banking and government, and runs as an internet protocol that allows anyone to connect for voluntary exchange and transfer of digital property, the bitcoin currency… As I discussed in my last post the Bitcoin ledger comes with a constrained credit and currency system (bitcoins) which is scarce and is mined at a predictable and pre-determined rate and is the antithesis of the inflationary and unconstrained credit creation of the current banking system… Bitcoin as a constrained credit system will and has been proved since inception these last seven years to be deflationary (although highly volatile) and will increase in value over an investing horizon of a few years, and why this is a profound development for the society of the future…

In the last seven years Bitcoin has proven itself to work as both an asset ledger and a currency but we are still early in this decentralized monetary experiment and as such are still in the currency speculation stage, but to be clear the currency that is used to transact and account for the exchange between owners is only the first application of blockchain technology, that will be followed next by asset registries and smart contracts allowing online transfer of property ownership, be that land, real estate, car, and any other assets or personal effects that can be exchanged… So the development of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology in general will happen roughly in three stages; stage one is the currency speculation stage (that we are currently in), stage two is the use of the bitcoin currency as a medium of exchange for goods and services (which will dramatically increase its market cap and the value of the currency) and stage three is the exchange of assets and property (when Bitcoin will be properly established and its market cap and currency will be at unimaginably high levels)… The move from stage one through stage three in my opinion will take place during the next decade as this eternal struggle of centralization and decentralization will play out with the inevitable collapse of the centralized system and the inevitable mass adoption of a decentralized financial system… Before describing how this adoption will play out I need to discuss the generational divide which is critical in understanding the centralization vs decentralization trend demographics…

Defining The Generational Divide – Boomer vs Millennial

While there are many definitions of the generational divides and degrees of separation such as Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials (Generation Y) and Generation Z, to simplify I will divide into only two super-generations, Boomers and Millennials, with the Boomers (generally) being forty years of age and over and the Millennials (generally) being forty years of age and younger… The descriptions I will use will be very general and maybe stereotypical but they are useful for giving broad insight in making what I think is a very important point…

Baby Boomers – The Welfare Generation

The Boomers are generally known as the generation born after The Second World War and part of a population boom after the murder and mayhem of the first half of the Twentieth Century… After having plunged the Boomer parents generation into a World War for the second time in thirty years, the Western Governments expanded from lawmakers and warmongers into big daddy government, to provide and succour the masses with benefits and privileges following the poverty and hardship of War (that they created)… In the United Kingdom for example following the Second World War were the National Insurance Act (Social Security – 1946), National Assistance Act (1948), and National Health Service Act (1948) to cater for the individual as Winston Churchill called it “from the cradle to grave”… Out of the Second World War in the West came the Free Shit Brigade but with few claimants for pensions and benefits at the outset the colossal cost of socialism wouldn’t rear its ugly head until a generation later for which the Boomers were shafted…

The Boomers came to work age prior to and during the Stagflationary Seventies when to pay for all the Warfare and Welfare Richard Nixon defaulted on the Bretton Woods System and the West suffered from rampant money printing and double digit inflation, which meant double digit decreases in the purchasing power and standards of living of the ordinary working family… The monetary debasement of the seventies (coupled with Rockefeller Foundation social engineering pillars of Feminism and increasing the tax base) was borne by the young boomer families in most cases by forcing both parents to enter the workplace… This was the first wave of mothers into the workplace (into newly created Governmental Bureaucracy and paper pushing admin jobs for the most part) which allowed the government for really the first time to tax both parents of a family rapidly expanding the tax base for printing moar money and free shit, and also to isolate and effectively raise the children of the Boomers, the Millennials, for at least twelve years in indoctrination prisons otherwise known as the Compulsory Public Education System… The Seventies was the watershed for the fracturing of the traditional family unit

The Boomers endured this hardship and disintegration of traditional family life in exchange for free stuff, for a health service, for an education system, for welfare benefits, for a state pension, for all the promises big daddy government had made them, and for which they are due right about now… We are currently living through the time when the Boomers that have worked their lives in a unconstrained bubble economy of impoverishment and inflation expect the government to deliver on what it has promised them for their part of the Social ContractBut if the Boomers bailed out their parents in funding the blossoming Leviathan State, then who will pay for all the entitlements of the Boomers for the bloated and debt laden Leviathan State for the next generation and more?

The Millennial Generation – Debt Serfdom

The Millennial Generation is the product of the Boomer Generation and first wave of social engineering that started in the Sixties… They are a generation that have spent more time being reared in government institutions than by their parents and so are fractured, frustrated, retarded, and feel to a certain extent that they have been shafted by their parents whether they understand this or not… Whatever hardship the Boomers endured during their generation they are generally debt free with more government free stuff to come and have also been the beneficiaries of an unprecedented real estate boom that has inflated the value of the real estate they bought a generation ago, but has made Real Estate increasingly unaffordable for their children’s generation… The Millennials having been effectively conned into investing tens of thousands of debt in Education Degrees that have turned out to be worthless in the real world are now saddled with debts that they will be paying off for the rest of their lives… These student debts make purchasing real estate prohibitively expensive and even if they do get a job they just are not as good paying as previous generations and more concentrated in services and consuming than in production and manufacturing, so the prospects for the Millennial Generation are already grim, on top of which they are expected to pay (through taxation) for their parents retirement… Many of the Millennial Generation came of age in the early Two Thousands and were finding their bearings when the 2008 financial crisis hit… While their parents generation were retiring on their combined nest eggs of inflated real estate values and private and public pensions, the Millennials have had to try and produce in an age of banker bailouts, zero interest on savings and production, increased taxation and (obfuscated) inflation and with increasing debt to try and maintain any standards of living they can in a world of austerity and crushing debts… The Millennials are pissed!

Technology And The Generational Divide

An extremely important area to analyze when discussing the generational divide and centralization vs decentralization trend is technology demographics… While their parents were the generation that grew up with radio, the Boomers are the generation that has grown up with that Cultural Marxist social engineering Pandora’s box, the television… The Boomers are what you could call Generation Television, and the mental slaves of the Elite controlled public institutions that control the West… Boomers are the generation of the centralized legacy system, of bank accounts, mainstream media, press and print and have a vested interest in the continuation of this mind matrix

The Millennials are generally the generation who have grown up more with the internet, and are less engrossed in the legacy media world of their parents, more the computer generation than the television generation… With the advent of the laptop and accelerated in the last five years of the smart phone, they have become the generation some say are hopelessly enslaved to their i-phones and technology, increasingly being consumed by social media, artificial intelligence and virtual reality… Millennials are increasingly off the legacy media apparatus and seeking information and news on the internet and through social media, so you can start to see a technological divide as well as demographic divide

Trends, Demographics, Technology

I can now start tying up these threads so we can get much closer to the nub of this post by combining the centralization v decentralization trend, the Boomer and Millennial generational divide and technology… The Boomers are products of the centralized world and still utilize the legacy technology of the centralized system, whereas the Millennials are more versed in decentralized methods of information exchange (social media) and more versed in the decentralized technology of the future (computers, smartphones, internet) whether they know this or not… If you have ever watched a parent (of the Boomer generation) grapple with computer pop ups or glitches or trying to master a new application or program you can be reminded of a young angry child trying to reason with something that it cannot understand, whereas I have seen two year old toddlers of friends unlocking a smartphone to access pictures or sounds or games in seconds, and is quite amazing to watch… The technological divide at times cannot be more stark between the Boomers and later generations, almost as if these generations are alien to each other in technological terms…

The Generational Divide And Vested Interests

I have laid out the case for the Boomers being the products of the centralized generation, and Millennials to an increasing degree as we move forward being products of the decentralized generation, the Boomers utilizing the legacy technology of the centralized status quo, and the Millennials increasingly utilizing the distributed and decentralized technology of the present and future… It increasingly becomes apparent when studying all these trends, where the vested interests lie… The vested interest of the Boomer is with the centralized system that holds their public and private pensions, the financial system that inflates their real estate values, the legacy media that tells them how benevolent government and their welfare handouts are and to not rock this so fragile boat lest they threaten the future of their own wealth and prosperity in retirement… In their generations of centralized system brainwashing the Boomers only have a vested interest and the Normalcy Bias of believing that this system will provide for them for the rest of their lives, and trying to point out any different to a Boomer will be answered with a combination of anger, contempt and entitlement

Whereas the Boomer Generation now retiring in droves become consumers of the centralized legacy system, the Millennials are the ones that have to produce to keep this system ongoing… The accumulated debts at university and a dearth of any good paying jobs and the bloated values of real estate owned by the Boomers, have left the Millennials mired in debt and with stagnating or diminishing standards of living and with little hope for the future, and is increasingly creating tension over the West… While the Millennials are still sufficiently brainwashed to keep voting and producing for the system that oppresses and impoverishes this will only work as long as they believe they will get anything back out of the system… As the debt keeps building and is shouldered by ever diminishing production (and productivity) of the Millennials, we will reach a tipping point beyond which they just give up on the system, but I think that this won’t happen until the next financial crisis in coming months or year(s) when in order to reduce the debt burden our insane central banking overlords will need to generate inflation and eventually hyperinflation that must necessarily devalue debt by devaluing production, that is the purchasing power of the money Millennials produce and save in, and the Boomers spend and consume in… In a very possible rhyming of history and a replay of the Stagflationary Seventies rampant monetary inflation will impoverish the Millennials to the extent that they are forced to seek alternatives to the imploding centralized system and will flood into the decentralized financial system (precious metals and crypto-currencies) thus driving the deflationary forces and increasing purchasing power of these scarce monetary systemsThe Millennials will ditch the system first… Why and how?

Millennial Technology

The Millennial generation will ditch the legacy fiat system first simply because of the technology they are already using… They are generation laptop and smartphone and as such are generally well rehearsed in application downloads and connecting to the Bitcoin Network is as simple as a download of a Bitcoin wallet that takes seconds to set up and instantly equips you with a encrypted online bank, not a bank account but a bank, and connects you to every other Bitcoin user on the face of the earth… As the Bitcoin applications increase and develop they will get more user friendly, without any licenses or paperwork or any bureaucracy whatsoever, just one download… Play around with sending and receiving bitcoins between different wallets (accounts) and you start to realize how easy it is to move value and wealth, instantly, globally, without capital controls and fees! A few months of sustained use and like anything it becomes second nature, fast, easy, secure and reliable… While bitcoin is still volatile as we are still in the early currency speculation stage, as I extensively explained in my last post on the Bitcoin Halvening bitcoin has a stable and scarce rate of issue and is designed over time to be deflationary, which incentivizes production and saving in bitcoins which takes further bitcoins out of active circulation dwindling liquidity further and increasing purchasing power… Bitcoin is the perfect asset ledger and credit system for production and saving which takes it from the currency speculation stage to a trade settlement vehicle for bartered goods and services… By diverting production from Fiat and into Bitcoin the Millennials (the producing generation) will produce and save into a scarce currency that will increase the standard of their whole generation and help lift themselves out of debt serfdom, that will be quite obviously at the expense of the fiat system and the consuming boomers… By diverting their wealth creation talents from the bankers to bitcoin, the the bankers (and boomers) get poorer while bitcoin users will get richer…

The boomers as the television generation and generally unfamiliar with modern Millennial technology and with the real vested interest in the status quo will be the major losers that will be brutal and in many ways unfair… The Boomers have blindly paid into this system (in bailing out their parents) in this Governmental generational ponzi scheme, they have paid their taxes and their National Insurance contributions and expect to be taken care of as they did for their parents, but the problem is this system is spent, bankrupt and has chained their children’s generation into debt slavery and isolation, so the Millennials have to do it for the future, and more importantly for their children’s (or any hope of children’s) future… Which leaves the Boomers sitting on a pile of paper wealth in terms of cash, savings, pension payouts and the bloated and unsustainable asset values of their property investments, that will have to be devalued (inflation, stagflation, stock crash, housing crash)… As the Millennials ditch the system and produce wealth for alternative systems, the Boomer world of bankers and governments will start consuming itself all the faster which will devalue debt by devaluing savings, and if history is any indication (and it always is) then overnight devaluations of double digits as well as stagflation and hyperinflationary collapse are all coming down the pike… It’s unavoidable I’m afraid and will be brutal

Why The Millennials Bail Out The Boomers

The Millennials will eventually be FORCED into abandoning inflationary debasement for deflationary enrichment and will leave the Normalcy Biased Boomers with a collapsing ponzi scheme that has run out of investors, with the Boomers being hit with a double whammy of devalued savings and pensions and the cratering property markets that have gone up their whole lives will slap them again, and will leave many in destitution… The Boomers will still have their physical assets (property, anything physical outside the banking system) but they will be radically revalued in new monies or currencies, the decentralized and competing currencies of the producing Millennials… And here is where families, the generations, the whole of society in the wake of the collapse in Government and its “services” will be brought together, because of necessity… When government deflates (or collapses however you want to phrase it) then so do local authority services such as refuse collection, welfare benefits, road and infrastucture maintenance, energy grid, everything that everyone today takes for granted that only government can do, will tomorrow have to be done by someone else, on an individual level, family and community level, and although excruciatingly painful in the short term will lead to far better world in the long run… It is a simple transfer of wealth from currency into property and vice versa… The Millennials as the tech savvy generation will have the currency, and the Boomers as the physical generation will have the property, so they will simply exchange liquidating property and downsizing physical property ownership for rapidly increasing purchasing power of digital currencies produced and saved in first by the Millennial Generation, thus distributing currency and property ownership once again between the generations, parents and children, children and parents… These new distributed technologies that will shape the future will need to be passed from the Millennial Generation to the Boomer Generation and this may take some time, but to be clear there will be no choice for the Boomers but to learn, unlearn and relearn a whole new alien technology of sending wealth from smartphones and laptops instead of brick and mortar banks and ATM’s, alien to them but not to their children and grandchildren, so I see the coming developments as an inter-generational straight swap of physical property for digital technology (and currency)

Normalcy Bias – Ignoring Technological Advancements

If you have read this far and still think what I have described is highly speculative and even downright farcical, then I will repeat the point that you are suffering from Normalcy Bias and that ignoring advancing technological trends is missing the whole historical crossroads we are currently at… Like the Gutenburg Press, Double-Entry Bookkeeping Ledger (Banking), The Telegraph, Radio and Television were technological revolutions toward a centralization of the means of production of information and communication, then the internet and distributed technology and crypto-currencies are technological rebellions toward the decentralization of communication, trade and financial systems, with modern everyday technology that is easily adoptable… To illustrate from my own life, although I straddle the GenX/Millennial generation I still choose to use physical cash and coinage when going out and consuming as an anonymous and analogue method of exchange and in exercising a modicum of liberty, but it never ceases to amaze me how dependent most of my friends have become on debit and credit cards to the extent that they barely use cash anymore, everything can be done electronically without the stuffed and jangling pockets… And then I look at my friends children, the children of the Millennials or Generation Z, and as the wikipedia link for the description of Gen Z states accurately the significant aspect of this generation is its widespread usage of digital technology and the internet, indeed I have personally watched two and three year old’s unlocking smart phones to access pictures, sounds, and applications in five seconds flat! This immersion in modern digital technology will make the transition to using mobile phones and laptops to transmit money and exchange wealth seamless and the most natural thing in the world for this generation, far more so than that of their parents, and most certainly their grandparents… To be part of the current legacy banking system you need a government national identification tags and in most Western countries must be a certain age (From sixteen onward), whereas all you would need for a Bitcoin wallet would be to download an application to your mobile phone taking seconds that instantly transformed you into your own bank, while connecting you to an inter-bank network worldwide, without any restriction on race, religion, creed, age… Generation Z will be experimenting with sending and receiving wealth digitally years before they ever start using a bank account, so the natural mass adoption of Bitcoin (and thousands of other currencies to all manner of economies of scale) in the next generation is inevitable based on simple demographics, so this is more a question of when and not if (more for the West than the East at this point) and how fast current generations adopt this technology, when future generations will already be born into it


As I have said many times in past posts this is the most exciting time in human history to be alive as the eternal struggle between the centralization and oppression of social order and the decentralization and liberation of social order, reaches the tipping point toward the latter… The last two thousand years of history has been this to and fro between Empire (Globalism) and Nation (Localism) with the first five centuries of the Roman Empire, a thousand year cycle of localized nations under Feudal Kings and Princes, before the Protestant Reformation and the last five centuries of centralization, monarchy, revolution, democracy, warfare, welfare, murder, misery and increasing slavery, but is now collapsing under its own unproductive destructing weight… The future is the technological rebellion and dis-intermediating of the middleman, the banker, the lawyer, the bean counter, the bureaucrat, the taxman, that inhibit personal and private liberty and property of the person to person economy, and un-shouldering these parasites that produce nothing but live off those of us that produce… The power of centralization is at its the essence the control over the money and financial system by Legal Tender Laws thereby communizing the means of production of the rest of the economy, by control of the money they effectively control the property of the productive and social order that they can then exploit through an elastic currency supply, the Law, and its enforcement through bureaucrats and intimidation goons… The power of decentralization is removing these regulations and barriers and laws by just removing the ageing and weakening middleman that is already slowly losing his grip

This struggle of centralization versus decentralization will mirror the generational divide of the Boomer and Millennial Generations, the former still indoctrinated and with a severe normalcy bias towards the legacy world of central banking and their inflated asset values, government welfare ponzi schemes and legacy mass mind controlled media and press, with the latter being the generation of digital technology and therefore the generation ripe for the mass adoption of decentralized information, governmental and financial systems… With the Boomers being the Generation that have spent their lives producing into the governmental and banking ponzi schemes but are now increasingly retiring and turning to consumers of this system, the Millennials will have to continue to produce to bail out their parents in a world of stagnating living standards and social mobility, crushing debts, and inflated asset values prohibiting family formation and creating a generation of fragile and broken young people, it should be clear which generation has the technological know-how and the incentive in ditching debt slavery for deflating and enriching alternative financial systems… The Millennials will be forced to ditch this impoverishing system first, and will also over the next decade transfer this technology to the elder generations in exchange for property, distributing and decentralizating currency and financial systems to the whole of society, and in the process (and in the absence of central governments) will necessitate the re-connection of family, community, society, and back to a localized way of life but connected to rest of the world if and when we want to…

I see a lot of writing in the media about the Millennials and how retarded and stupid and dumb as dirt and lazy and unproductive and generally useless their/my generation is, and I would say in many instances this is a fair criticism, but then this generation has basically been estranged from their parents and raised by government institutions so what exactly do you expect? The Millennials as the products of the destruction of the traditional family unit are necessarily retarded, broken and introvert, but if you think that as a consequence of this the future is really doomed, then you are stuck in the legacy worldview of the status quo and not in the future of distributed and decentralizing technology that will give the millennials the edge that gives them a future worth producing and creating into… In the legacy world of inflationary central banking you had to do the work while you made a small subset of one percent of societal parasites and controllers extremely wealthy, but in the new world of distributed and inherently deflationary financial networks it’s the technology that does the work while increasing your standard of living by doing less, which gives the millennials the cards, and a winning hand for future prosperity

Information (Internet), trade (E-commerce), money (Bitcoin/blockchain), the technological rebellion in three phases, and in my opinion as critical as the internet was for both first and second phases, the development of phase three and the decentralization of currency will have a far more profound impact on all out lives in the coming decade, as the money is exchanged for all other goods and services it affects every industry, community, family and individual… The coming decentralization of the financial system will change the whole incentive structure of every industry and sector operating in the world economy, from agriculture to construction and manufacturing to energy and power grid to infrastructure, education, and much much more, that I will be extensively discussing in future posts…

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