The Collapse Of Socialism – Collapse Of The Banking And Accounting Bureaucracy

lenin-socialismoAbove: From Vladimir Lenin’s Collected Works, Page 106. Behind the unending myth, intrigue, and romance of Socialism is the mundane utopia of big banking and accounting. Please do read this as many times as it takes to sink in.

This will be more of a short post than a full post but one I think bridges my past posts with those of future posts, and will discuss some very basic definitions of very misused terms of systems of social order and an overall discussion of the collapse of socialism as really the collapse of globalist and nationalist banking systems and bureaucratic governmental apparatus, with the inevitable return of capitalism based on local banking and registration and administration systems, underpinned by six thousand year old money and a seven year old distributed credit ledger and currency that changes the history of the world…

Capitalism – A Definition

As probably the most abused definition in the history of words and ideology, this is perhaps the most important definition to get concise and correct… To be clear, capitalism is simply a social order that is based on capital, or even simpler a social order based on private property… We have clearly defined private borders and for these borders to remain sovereign there must be some mechanism for defence and arbitration in case of dispute or, there must be some method for social order, and this method I would argue must start out local… Outside of external invasion by alien foes, the only method for the peace and prosperity and longevity of private property is by localized voluntary rule, ruling or being ruled by those who you know… It is only when you know and have allegiance to a prince, king or judge (with these positions of power being as a virtue of a higher standing, reputation and prestige in society) can you accept their judgements and dispute arbitration… These voluntary local kings and justices as the most trustworthy members in that society would obviously be dependent on their continued justice and wisdom for their survival and would be open to competition in a hierarchical social structure, so I really cannot see how despotism could last very long on a local level, where individual figurheads are inherently weak even among numerous inferiors… This localized rule is what I consider the much maligned Feudal Age that lasted a thousand years in Europe in the so called dark and middle ages (Circa 500 – 1500 AD) between the Roman Empire and Absolutist Monarchy, to be… As this social order is local then all laws are local (albeit based upon a broad Natural LawCommon Law, or Canon Law framework), exchange would mostly be local, and the production of money and credit would also be local… Gold and silver mined out of the ground or exchanged for goods and services with those from outside the locality, the credit systems would be either derivatives of barter (credit ledgers) or money (banking) would also have to be local… Capitalism in short, is the local administration of laws for protecting private property, including private legal registration and issue of money and credit to facilitate the voluntary exchange of private property within this social order

Socialism – A Definition

Socialism I would define as a violent and artificial social order, that can only exist through coercion and devious brainwashing and mind control, that I would characterize as the last five centuries of Western social order, beginning around 1500 AD with Absolute Monarchy… Through a combination of coercion (technological development of gunpowder powered weaponry) and deviousness (Intellectuals such as Sir Thomas Hobbes and his Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes highly flawed and ignorant thought experiment combined with the technological development of the Printing Press) the localized and voluntary social order of private property is usurped by absolutism and despotism… Capitalism ceases to be when Monarchs decree their rule absolute and administer laws and liberties by legal monopoly, and therefore by a Higher Law can enrich themselves by the private property of the ruled… Monarchs will centralize rule, so government is no longer local and familiar but National and remote, by decree is the birth of the modern Nation State (historically for England and Wales, Henry VIII who usurped Common Law with Maritime Law and also abolished the Welsh Feudal Legal System with The Unification Laws of 1535-1543)…

Socialism – Devolution From Conservative To Progressive

As big a disaster as Absolutist and later Constitutional Monarchies were for capitalism, Monarchy was a relatively benign and conservative method of socialism, with monarchs as single figureheads being inherently weak and only interested in enriching themselves and their very limited entourage of freeloaders by the administration of laws and taxes collected for administrating these laws… Monarchs generally (with notable exceptions) did not regulate through legislation the issue of money or overly regulate voluntary exchange of the citizenry, and so government taxes and intrusion were low to invisible under National Monarchs… However the legal monopoly remains, and as history has demonstrated when Monarchs do over-reach their monopolist powers and are overthrown for complicated reasons (usually associated with corruption of the money supply, war and debasement), they are replaced with something a hundred times more destructive, progressive democratic socialism

The Farce Of Democracy

From the conservative socialism of monarchy, will devolve (again through coercion combined deviousness of international banking and freemasonry cabals and the intellectual class) into progressive democratic socialism… Whereas a monarch can be considered a small town gangster social democracy is the Al Capone of gangsterism… Under Democracy all property becomes public and to be exploited by those who control the levers of power… With democracy usually (although had been known to have been instigated by monarchs previously) comes the institution of a central bank that abolishes private money (gold, silver, private credit and banknotes) and replaces it with Legal Tender (Nationalized bank credit) currencyAs Lenin explains above, Socialism without the big banks is impossible, and constitutes as much as nine tenths of the socialist apparatus), so Democracy is Monarchy on steroids

The Power Over Law And Money – The Accounting Bureaucracy

With a monopoly over law and money Democracy now has a self funding mechanism for its growth and parasitism… As the costs of socialist bureaucracy is now borne by the general public fooled and forced into exchanging nationalized bank currencies, Democracy can print into existence the centrally planned economy… Money is printed and the purchasing power of the common man is diluted to fund national registration schemes for all property and exchange, so that all income and property can be taxed and regulated further funding the levathian state in the production of monopolized public services, roads, infrastructure, compulsory public education institutions and universities, social security, national healthcare, agricultural and industrial subsidies, local authority “services”, etc, etc, etc… From a monopoly over just the law which Monarchs usurp, Democracy regulates the life out of the whole economy and sows the seeds of its own eventual destruction

Socialism – Debt and Destruction

With the Central Bank licence to print money, the private sector of production and saving is progessively corrupted and destroyed by its public sector parasite… The growth and enrichment of government and its minions is mirrored in the shrinking and impoverishment of the private and productive citizen, that can only be exploited through the big banking, accounting and registration apparatus of socialism… This coercive apparatus of threats of police, courts of injustice and prisons can scale Nationally, but in the Twentieth Century has at least been attempted to be scaled internationally and even globally, however the by product of this coercive and completely artificial and inherently destructive and wasteful social order has been debt, corruption and debasement, and to make this point clear, this system of parasitism can only go on as long as the parasites still have their hosts… Democratic Socialism, although barely a century old has pulled forward so much future demand (debt) that it has effectively destroyed demographics in the West so that this system will soon be spent… Even the laughable and very cryable attempts of our insane elite overlords to replace this stagnating native Western population by importing illiterate barbarians from the worst shitholes of the third world will conversely only add to the welfare and debt burden of the West in the short term, which effectively means that the current madness going on in Europe will last only as long as the welfare cheques, powered by big banking and accountancy, which is now accelerating into collapse…

The Collapse Of Socialism – The Collapse Of Central Banking And Government

If history has one essential lesson it is that Empires and even Nation States, are temporary and eternally unsustainable aberrations… Remote rule and administration from National or International Capitals (London, Washington D.C, Brussels) can only be perpetuated as long as the Banking and Accountancy (State Bureaucracy) can remain solvent… In 2008 we saw the death of Mark to Market with Accounting gimmicks and suspension of traditional accounting practices which magically made the insolvent socialist apparatus solvent again, and allowed them a decade respite to pillage the remaining purchasing power of their monopoly fiat currencies by further destroying society and capital formation through debt and zero interest on savings, meanwhile bailing out the living dead system… In the intervening eight years they have blown the mother of all bubbles, which now encompasses the bond market (public and private debt), the equity market (company stock), real estate, commodities, basically everything is hopelessly mispriced because of this devious accounting monopoly control of legislation and printing presses gives them… But in my opinion this next crash in asset values when again the powers that be lose control over the laws of nature and economics and the business cycle does bust and marks back to “reality”, will be the final crash and collapse of the Socialist apparatus of big banking and accounting, and for this very reason they must go all in and pump this bubble as long as they can, the future of Socialism depends on it… Because of this we must wait and witness the ongoing farce of Democracy and destructive warfare and welfare apocalypse endgame, but the only way this can end is with debt defaults by again being forced by market forces (and the chains of scarcity) into marking to market unlimited and infinite credit creation (money printing) by currency devaluations, which otherwise translates as rampant monetary inflation and rapid drops in the purchasing power of currencies, which drives hyperinflationary collapse and forces the adoption of alternative and scarce money systems (gold, silver, and Bitcoin)… The bankers have printed tens of trillions in credit since 2008 and the only reason all global currencies still have any purchasing power is the velocity of money, otherwise stated while our elites have printed trillions to enrich and perpetuate themselves, the general public in the age of austerity have kept saving hard and kept this currency out of circulation in hunkering down for the uncertain future… Debt defaults and currency devaluations will finally force the general public to exchange this devaluing currency for REAL goods and services and when that happens is when the velocity of money goes nuts and then those trillions that have been until now laying dormant finally explode into circulation…


Socialism and the scaling of both Law (and taxation) and the issue of credit to a national and global scale must be a temporary phenomenon, but still has lasted the last five centuries… It was able to do this through working within the chains of reality, that is market (and private) accounting of both property and the issue of money (gold and silver)… While monarchs worked within these boundaries for centuries, the last century of Democracy has destroyed and desecrated all of these boundaries, abolishing scarce legislation and money and instituting its own mark to unicorn accountancy and credit apparatus, and this is exactly the reason that the damage that has been done cannot be undone, it can only progress at a rapidly increasing clip into destruction… From the burning of Babylon and the Socialist apparatus of big banks and accounting will arise phoenix like from the flames, local accounting, local banking, but thanks to the 7 year old world changing invention of distributed technology and blockchain technology with Bitcoin being its current most successful prodigy, the local can now connect globally… Assets and property can be digitally registered and administrated locally, but Bitcoin is a global distributed ledger that can and will act as an exchange standard for every individual and family in every locality on earth so that property rights are again sovereign and immutable, leaving local customs, traditions, languages, and way of life unaltered… The control of social order essentially comes down to who controls the legality of property, the legality of exchange, and the legality of money and credit issuance… All of this which was first usurped by monarchy and then serially abused by Democracy, will eventually be done by nobody, by simply connecting to a distributed ledger that is owned by no-one, cannot be cannot be centrally controlled by anyone, but allows everyone to invest and exchange without a governmental middleman and banker, and why Bitcoin cannot be usurped or regulated by monarchs or democrats… The government of the Twenty First Century will not be a physical government, but global decentralized governance through easily adoptable and convenient technology …

I started with Vladimir Lenin and I will finish with Austrian Economist Ludwig von Mises and his description of a crack up boom… This is what awaits us, the Global Weimar event…


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