Gold And The Blockchain Redux: Trump, Q, The Gold Standard And Ending The Fed


Following on from my last post and the conclusion of my Bitcoin Kills Banking Trilogy, this post will conclude my Gold And The Blockchain Trilogy with an extensive discussion on the only thing in my opinion that can substantially alter the direction and speed of Bitcoin Killing Banking, and that one thing being GoldThis post will therefore discuss in the same vein as nearly all of my previous blog posts, the game theory and interaction between the past, present and future of money and credit, Gold, Banking (Fiat) and Bitcoin

This post will first briefly outline my two previous posts on Gold and Bitcoin as they will become more and more connected and intertwined in the future, while the main discussion I will be concentrating on is actually Gold and Banking, on this eternal symbiosis between the fiat banking system and gold… Gold is a leash upon fractional reserve banking, bankers and fraud, and therefore I have always stated that in my opinion the odds of the governments of the world voluntarily returning to a gold standard was zero, rather it would be the hyperinflation of the fiat monetary system that would force the governments of the world to return to sound money, but on this point the last year I have been forced to alter my thinking and consider the un-considerable… And as it is the Petrodollar/EuroDollar fabrication of the post Bretton Woods gold standard that has for the last fifty years been de facto and still unrivaled World Reserve Currency, it has become increasingly clear to me at least that it is only the US that can effectively re-institute a gold standard, and which I believe in the wake of the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, and the emergence of Q in November 2017, that this is the new plan of the US Military, which will obviously require a great deal of explaining

Gold And The Blockchain – The Digital Gold Standard On Steroids

In my original Gold and the Blockchain post I spent five thousand words explaining the concept of a money and credit system, with gold being the underlying commodity money and playing a similar role to that which it played as the underpinning of the last five centuries of banking and the double-entry book-keeping ledger, and that the same would be true of gold in a world of Bitcoin and the triple-entry book-keeping ledger… Gold will continue to play its role as a physical store of value asset, with Bitcoin replacing fiat money and banks as a decentralized credit and currency system and an unimaginable improvement upon the centralized credit and currency system of legacy banking…

The difference between Bitcoin and Banking in regards to gold is that unlike banking which derived its whole value from inception upon gold reserves and vaults, Bitcoin is not derived from gold but a completely separate and sovereign accounting ledger, and that the way both assets and commodities would connect would be through exchanges, exactly like Bitcoin and fiat money connect through exchanges… The basic concept is a gold exchange buying and selling physical gold for bitcoin, which includes online exchanges, online coin dealers, or the traditional brick and mortar premises coin dealers, which comprises the micro-economic view… The macro-economic view scales these individual exchanges all working on Bitcoin’s blockchain into a worldwide inter-exchange network that could comprise hundreds, or thousands or even hundreds of thousands of gold exchanges, and because of the intrinsic scarcity of the issue of both gold and bitcoin, would lead to some miraculous remedies for the problems plaguing today’s societies worldwide, of the infinitely printable fiat paper and digital currency that is used to rig the price discovery mechanism for everything else, especially the gold futures markets as the kryptonite and eventual nemesis of this fiat currency system

Gold And The Blockchain Revisited – Building Bitcoin’s Gold Standard From The Bottom Up

My original post of November 2015 was revisited in March of 2018 with an extensive prelude of the last few thousand years of credit and monetary systems, but with particular emphasis on the last five centuries of banking, and concentrating on the last century of Central Banking, and the role of the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in the crushing of the American Dream… In that post I also declared that no government would ever willingly return to a Gold Standard as it would necessarily crater the power and leverage of banks, governments, large scale corporations and the Military Industrial Complex in their endeavours to enslave the Earth, a declaration that Q has forced me to rethink and re-assess, and exactly why I am typing right now the beginning of this third and last post on Gold… So, what is the possibility or even probability of voluntarily returning to a Gold Standard, how it could be done, and its cataclysmic effects on the Petrodollar System and all of the world’s two hundred nations and their central banks, and its effects upon on the global adoption of Bitcoin and Distributed Ledger Technology by a revaluation of the Centralized Ledger Technology (Banking) backed by commodity money (gold)

Gold And The Blockchain Redux: Trump, Q, The Gold Standard And Ending The Fed

This post from now will concentrate on the four elements above, how they interact, how they connect, compare and contrast, and will use Game Theory to discuss leverage and some 4th Dimensional Chess between States and Deep States, puppets and puppet masters, and what really boils down to, like every one of my posts, who controls the issue of money and credit and thus who controls the ultimate levers of power

Dylan Monroe

All of my posts describe and explain in different ways the history of money and credit, and central to this is the controllers of money and credit… This graphic provides an overarching historical framework or dot connector for those who wish to try to stitch history into making some kind of sense, and will become more relevant to this post as I will be discussing further on… I have spent hours looking over this, and still have barely scratched the surface… It truly is a work of art, courtesy of Dylan Louis Monroe

Trump 2016 – “The Bolt From The Blue”

I find it quite curious that the one-two combo that really unleashed National Populism upon the stagnating Globalist Project was first the Brexit Referendum Vote of 23/06/2016, and then the Election of Trump on 11/11/2016 five short months later… For some reason the British Establishment allowed the plebs to exercise their vote to repeal the European Project that the same Establishment had lied them into in the first place fifty years earlier, which was an epic shock worldwide, but then was soon eclipsed by the even more unlikely rise of Donald John Trump out of the shadows to take what nearly everyone else believed was Hillary Clinton’s birthright and destiny, that of President Of The United States (POTUS)

Three years later and the steam of Populism is still gathering, with the big three European countries teetering, Theresa May, Brexit Saboteur of the UK gone, Angela Merkel of Germany shaking herself into retirement, and Emmanuel Macron in France being weakened weekly by the Yellow Vest movement… Populist parties are also rising in Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Austria, it seems nearly everywhere these days, but the genesis really in my mind goes back to the Brexit Vote that has triggered the question to cross my mind more than once, was Brexit and Trump engineered by *someone* in order to accelerate the break up of Globalism, which at its essence is the Petrodollar/Eurodollar SystemDo you consider the momentous elections in both Anglo-American countries (and primary seats of the Globalist Deep State) less than six months apart, to be just a co-incidence???


Trump’s First Year – Drained By The Swamp

For anyone who lived through, and paid attention to, the tribulation of Election Night 2016, of Trump’s Inauguration in January 2017 and especially his Inauguration Speech where he essentially stated that the “Deep State” would be rooted out and government handed back to the people, I imagine it would have given deep reserves of hope to those who wished to Make America Great Again, and deep reserves of fear to those still believing and invested in the Globalist project… Like Brexit in the UK, it seemed to cleave the wound that had always been open, but had been covered up for so long by band-aids and bandages… Like Brexit was a vote largely exercised by rural England rebuking their multicultural overlords in Remainer London, Trump was Flyover America’s two fingered rebuke to Hillary and Progress, the plaything and playbook of the bi-coastal elites in Washington D.C, New York and Kalifornia… And like the Brexit debacle that has now taken over three years and with Remainers and the EU still hanging on for dear life to Racist and Deplorable Britain, it would become clear during the passage of 2017 that the Washington Deep State Swamp would not willingly be drained

Indeed at many times in the last two and a half years it must have seemed to virtually anyone following MAGA that rather than Trump draining the Swamp, it was in fact the Swamp that was draining Trump… To anyone that had the naive notions that Trump would somehow be able to drain the Swamp from day one, would soon be exposed to the reality of American Politics… From the Fake News Media, to the Alphabet Intelligence Agencies, to Congress, The State Department, The Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Federal Court Circuit, the unifying desire of The Establishment was to rid the Republic of The Don, and so from day one what should have been obvious in hindsight has played out in real time, the sabotaging of Trump’s presidency… You can recall the Travel Ban and Building The Wall, both of which have been sabotaged by Federal Judges and Congress, the leaks that crippled his reforms from the Alphabet Agencies, the fabricating of the Trump Russian Collusion Hoax by the highest echelons within the FBI and DOJ, and the constant negativity and outright delusion of the Fake News Media reporting, in fact when you really think about it it is a miracle that Trump has been able to get anything done in either Domestic or Foreign Policy… The Deep State that has controlled the Republic pretty much since inception, still controls most of the levers of power in Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of US Government, outside that of the President

Deep State

A very good approximation of the Deep State, courtesy of Charles Hugh Smith

Considering all of the above and how stacked the deck has been against Trump from the very beginning, how in God’s name could he ever drain this Swamp, and were his election pledges therefore just more political pandering and empty promises to his base, as many of the less patient of his followers have since become resigned?

The Emergence Of Q – Late 2017

Nearly one year after Trump’s election to office, there began a very strange posting campaign on 4chan, which a month later moved permanently to 8chan where he/she/they/it has continued posting ever since…

Q Drop 1

Q’s 1st Drop – 28th October 2017 discussing HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton)

Before I get any further, I will set out the following brief bullet points to flesh out how Q communicates with the public:

Q only posts on 8chan and by his own admission does not post on any other forums… If your Q drops have come from anywhere other than 8chan, they are not Q drops… (8chan has been down for the last two months, thus Q hasn’t posted in around two months, 8chan is rumoured to be coming back in the next few weeks, possibly under a different name, and when it is expected that Q will continue posting)…

Q Drop 475

8chan uses a unique identifier called a Trip Code… While this Trip Code can be altered it can only be done so by the user itself (other than being hacked), and while Q’s TripCode has changed from time (and been used by disruptors to question the authenticity of Q) changes in Trip Code have generally been telegraphed by Q in advance, so that researchers and Anons know it’s still Q posting…

Q drops are cryptic intelligence type drops with extensive use of acronyms, codes, ciphers, numbers and numerology, so that they nearly always require decoding (and which does bring up the problems of decoding for misinformation purposes)

Q uses the Socratic method of asking questions rather than providing answers, which has a couple of interesting by-products… The first by-product is you are not spoon fed information by the way of answers but you are given crumbs of information, questions, clues or dots to connect, if you want to flesh out the crumbs then it is incumbent on you to research for yourself

All Q’s Drops can be found here, which to be clear is not 8chan itself, but a mirrored site that collects and hosts all of Q’s drops as 8chan is not the easiest of sites to navigate and is currently shut down… All the Q Drops I have copied in this post are drawn from, but there are numerous other mirrored sites out there

Q and Trump – Connecting Some Dots

What would seem ludicrous at first and many more glances, becomes more compelling the more you read into Q and Trump… To kick it off I will add Q Drops #2 and #3 for some further colour on possible connections between Trump and Q…

Q Drop 2 & 3

Q Drop #2 (right) and Drop #3 (left)… Brief Decodes: Mockingbird (US Media), HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton), POTUS (President Of The United States), MI (Military Intelligence), Huma (Huma Abedin), AW (Anthony Weiner), RC (Registered Charity), Rod/Bob (Rod Rosenstein/Robert Mueller), NG (National Guard)…

In these first few posts Q claims to be a part of the US Military, Military Intelligence specifically, note his question who has access to everything classified? For me it implies the NSA or as Q terms it in subsequent posts, [N]o [S]uch [A]gency… Q also asks why Trump surrounds himself with Generals again invoking the Military… I will include one more early drop to cement this link of Q with the Military which is Q Drop #14, dated 1st November 2017…

Q Drop 14

Brief Decodes: SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), SC (Supreme Court), Flynn (General Mike Flynn, Trump’s original National Security Adviser), Adm R (Admiral Mike Rogers, NSA) MB (Muslim Brotherhood)…

These drops could be endlessly analyzed and dissected for hours but I will simply leave this here, and let you think for yourselves and get used to Q’s cryptic method of communication, which I’ll explain more later… So Q claims that Trump was approached by the Military, was assured it would be a fair fight, “improbably” won election and has been acting upon and being protected by the Military since his electionQ claims connection to and collusion with the Trump Administration so before I discuss Q in further detail, first we need to further establish if these links are reciprocal or not, so what exactly has Trump revealed if anything about Q?

Q Proofs – Collusion With The Don

Q Drop 145

New York Times/[C]lowns [I]n [A]merica attacks NSA following Ed Snowden [CIA] leak of NSA cyber tools… This article is released within two weeks of Q starting to post…

Q often asks the question, Do You Believe In Co-incidences? You can believe one co-incidence easily enough, but would you believe in two co-incidences that directly connect? Would you believe three, four or five co-incidences? To use a more British expression, what are the odds or chances of a series of events seemingly un-connected actually being connected? This is a critical element of understanding Q Drops, and Q methodology, and there are important reasons for this as Q himself has stated, the nature of the drops are not to spoon feed information but to stimulate individual thought and the connecting of dots… Intel drops or crumbs enable two different ends, that is the training of Q researchers (Anons) to think and research for themselves, while also skirting the National Security Laws of the US by which all its members are bound, by building up a sequence of co-incidences it is possible to glean both knowledge and truth without Intelligence Insiders being implicated in Classified Information leaks which would be violations of National Security (and which carry severe penalties in Intelligence Circles)

Q Drop 2712

Co-incidence Number 1

Q posts Drop #123 at 5:07 pm on Monday 6th November 2017: “Nothing is random. Everything has meaning. +++ (Note the timestamp on the drop below is 5 hours later than orginally posted by Q, time stamps will differ depending on the time zone, REMEMBER is a mirrored site – see graphic below for correct timestamp)…

Q Drop 123

Donald Trump’s Twitter account tweets +++ at 5:15 pm on Monday 6th November 2017 (The Trump tweet below is copied from my timezone, so the time stamp of the tweet below is different from Trump and Q timezones – see graphic below for correct timestamp)…

Trump +++

Note that Q posts first, Trump posts second

Q Proof 1

What are the chances of the President of the United States tweeting +++ seven minutes AFTER Q dropped the same +++ ? Do you believe in co-incidence?

Co-incidence Number 2

Trump’s tweet on November 8th 2017, not only includes a Financial Times headline on the ongoing purge in Saudi Arabia, but includes six individuals with thumbs up creating an air Q, furthermore the file name of that particular tweet photo is DOITQJ8UIAAowsQ.jpg, the first five letters, DO IT Q!  As I understand it, Twitter randomly creates filenames when you upload pictures, which also implies Trump/Q can over-ride Twitter code and algorithms! Try it for yourself, here is the link to the tweet

Q Proof 2

Do you believe in co-incidences?

Co-incidence Number 3

Q Drop #809 on 22nd February 2018 discusses the revealing of the [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica in China who are selling Classified Intel through HRC’s (Hillary’s) private server scandal… Six months six days later Trump tweets about it corroborating the link between Hillary and China…

Q Proof 3

Just another Co-incidence?

Co-incidence Number 4

Q posts DARK TO LIGHT #1440 dated 3rd June 2018, re-posted #1464 on June 12th 2018 at 12:08 PM, four hours before Trump tweets “A Story of Opportunity” video at 4:23 PM, which at 1:07 (1:07 > 107 > 17 > Q) mentions out of darkness, can come the light…

Q Proof 4

Just another co-incidence?

Co-incidence Number 5

Trump retweets Q Avatar account on the 17th, 17th letter of the alphabet is also Q…

Q Proof 5

Q Drop #3097, 17 March 2019: How much more obvious can we make it?

This is but 5 examples of co-incident co-ordination (you could also call it collusion *wink*) between Trump and Q, and in every case Trump is confirming Q, and these were all derived from the Q Proofs and Memes section on which has dozens more connections and zero delta (simultaneous) Q posts and Trump tweets, which should self evidently prove to those who can think critically and join dots, that Q and Trump must be in some way co-ordinatingBut as this link between Q and Trump is essential for the purposes and the remainder of this post, I offer one more proof and that is Q+, another signatory of Q Intel drops, so can you possibly imagine who Q+ could be?

Q Plus Proof

Q Plus Proof 2

AirForceOne call-sign identified Q0 in Military plane register, Q posts #2563, asking where the + sign is on a mobile phone? Q0 = Q+… As Q says in #2563 Trolling the FAKE NEWS media is FUN!

Q Drop 2452

My personal favourite Q+ Drop, #2452 where he thanks Jeff Sessions (who Trump had been berating publicly through Twitter for 2 years lol)! Q+ has dropped 34 times, #791, #931, #1028, #1038, #1296, #1297, #1328, #1358, #1475, #1491, #1582, #1645, #1699, #1834, #2039, #2095, #2119, #2301, #2308, #2356, #2401, #2451, #2452, #2565, #2629, #2758, #2759, #2885, #3042, #3074, #3075, #3377, and #3378…

Q Drop 2568

Q – Some More Background

I could jump straight to Q, Trump and the Fed to get to the latter half of this post, but I feel the need to elaborate further on the Big Picture as regards the Q mission, however I can only provide the bare basics as going into a detailed discussion of anything Q would take years and probably millions of words, so I will narrow it down to a few Headers while hopefully detailing a little more for the reader

Q Drop 133 & 134

Q Drops #133 and #134: The Big Picture… The three main actors within the New World Order according to Q are Saudi Arabia (The House of Saud, +++ $4 Trillion), The Rothschilds (++ $2 Trillion), and George Soros (+ $1 Trillion)… The earliest Q drops dealt cryptically with the coup within Saudi Arabia (SA) and the House of Saud, the appointment of King Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), and the arrest of Alwaleed bin TalalIt was the Saudi purge that kicked things off… By the way BO is Barack Obama…

Q Drop 88

Q Drop #88, detailing the order of the NWO takedown… SA (Saudi Arabia) > US (underway at the moment) > Asia > EULooks like Europe will be lastSnow White refers to the CIA, The Great Awakening refers to the populist movements now blowing up worldwide, Godfather III refers to the clean up of the Vatican and the Catholic Church (another key NWO player)…

Q Drop 100

Q Drop #100 naming another key NWO player, the British Royal Family, London Mayor Sadiq Khan (ties into the Muslim Brotherhood or MB, another secret society Q has mentioned multiple times)… All these factions and secret societies have taken over world governments in different ways, and can only be neutralized and removed by a slow seeding of the truth into the minds of the public, hence the Great [Public] Awakening

Q Drop 139

Q Drop #140… I decided to add this drop because it further elaborates on the Triangle at the top, House of Saud, Rothschild, Soros… SA is Saudi Arabia, NK is North Korea (Asia)…

Q Drop 489

Q Drop #489… I include this drop because while the NWO (New World Order) has enormous illicit revenues (laundered through the world’s biggest banks) in narcotic drugs and human and child trafficking, taxpayers are also on the hook for the large numbers of slush funds and NGO’s financing the destruction of the world… Q references US taxpayers here but it extends to UK and European taxpayers too, wars, foreign aid, large scale charities, environmental accords, and immigration orgs are mere fronts for NWO pillage and destabilization of the world and its populations and resources… GS is George Soros…

Q Drop 129

Drop #129… Another one of Q’s major themes of discussion is the internecine pissing match within the US Military and Intelligence Agencies, and at the heart of this is the war between the [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica and [N]o [S]uch [A]gency… Q has stated in his posts that Edward Snowden leaked the NSA spying tools on behalf of the CIA to discredit the NSA, and for Congress to legislate to weaken the NSA which would be to the benefit of the CIA… Had Hillary won in 2016 it would be likely that the CIA would have grown in power while diminishing NSA power, while the election of Trump will be having the opposite effect… It is in essence the war between domestic surveillance and intelligence (NSA), and foreign surveillance and intelligence (CIA)… Watch out in the coming months and years for the disbanding of the [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica…

There are so many other avenues I could go into here, from an extensive discussion of the crimes of Hillary Clinton and her minions, paedophilia and satan worshipping among the elites, false flag terror events to disarm and demoralize the Western public, connections between slush funds, politicians, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), the peace deal with Kim Jong Un and North Korea, the Iran Deal and the coming peace deal with Iran, as Q continues to drop so the detail and discussions exponentially increaseHowever, as the title of this post and indeed my whole blog in general makes clear, I am mostly interested in money and credit, and it is the control of money and credit that allows the NWO to survive and thrive, from the Protestant Reformation onwards, banking and later central banking has been at the heart of history and the shift from localism, to nationalism, to globalism, these are merely consequential phases of the social order that is produced by monetary and banking constructs

For more background on banking, central banking and the Fed, I would direct you to navigate my blog and read all my posts, but emphasizing the following: The Origin of Banking, From Barter To Bitcoin – The Theory of Credit and Money, Gold and the Blockchain Revisited and The Economics of Money, Credit, Capital, and Labour – The Rise of Bitcoin, the Fall of the MachinesThe last two posts in particular are focused a large part on the history of the Federal Reserve System and the subsequent events of the Twentieth Century, the bloodiest and maddest century of history

Trump, Q, and The Fed

Q Drop 135

With Trump and Q connected, now we bring in the Fed… I begin with drops #135, #136, #137, and #138, which is the list of banks and central banks owned and controlled by the Rothschilds…

Q Drops 136-138

Largely self explanatory I hope… The world financial system is essentially controlled by one family of criminals elite bankers, the vampire squid that redistributes the value and wealth of the world through their currencies, and has designed and overseen our modern world… That you find the Rothschilds when you dig into the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, The American Revolution, The French Revolution, The Napoleonic Wars, The American Civil War, Capitalism and Communism, Two World Wars and the creation of Israel, is no co-incidence… That there are so many historians and economists who wish to diminish the mention of the influence of this family upon world history is probably also not co-incidental, since the Rothschilds issue the currencies in which all these historians and economists have been paid


Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) had five tentacles sons, each was sent to establish banking in a different country from 1800 onward: Amschel Mayer remaining in Frankfurt (Germany), James Mayer sent to Paris (France), Carl Mayer to Naples (Italy), Salomon Mayer to Vienna (Austria), and Nathan Mayer to London, England…

A Brief History of Central Banking

It was the Venetian Bankers that funded the Reformation (Circa 1500 – 1650 AD) to divide the European religion of Christianity in my opinion as a method of consolidating power and Nationalizing Kingdoms with the ultimate objective of loosening the strict edicts of the Catholic Church against money lending and usury which had maintained the decentralized feudal order over the European Continent since the fall of Rome; the birth of the Nation State and of  International Law is generally regarded as the Post Westphalian Peace following the Thirty Years War (1618-1648)… The rise of Absolutist and Constitutional Monarchies as a by-product of the doctrine of the  Divine Right of Kings peddled largely by Protestantism and the increasing control over legislation and taxation, will soon lead us to the first Central Bank

The first Central Bank comes in Sweden and The Sveriges Riksbank of 1668 (and under a Protestant Monarch), however the major one that shapes Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, following the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the removal of a Catholic Scotsman (James II/VII) for a Protestant Dutchman (William III of Orange), is the Bank of England in 1694… The industrial revolution begins fifty years later (1750-1850) and originates in England which is not a co-incidence, neither is it a co-incidence after the French Revolution of 1789-1893 that executed the Catholic Bourbon Monarchy and replaced it with the Atheist French Republic, would give birth to the Banque du France in 1800… It is also not a co-incidence that following Bismarck’s founding of the German Empire in 1871, that in 1876 the Reichsbank was founded… Which leaves with the last major Western country to be dragged into the First World War, the first industrial worldwide massacre funded by Rothschild Central Banks

Central Banking In The US

The history of America starts as a British Colony with the Virginia Charter of 1606 under James I (Stewart) of England (VI of Scotland), and subservient to the British Crown… Under the Dutch (Hanover) Crown following the Glorious Revolution (1688) and as centralization takes hold over England and the rest of Britain, over the rest of the Eighteenth Century it would eventually spill over into the American Colonies, culminating in the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) (more accurately a rebellion) over taxes and currency laws, in which The Thirteen American Colonies and Colonists aided by France (Louis XVI) fought against George III’s British Crown Redcoats and rumoured Rothschild funded Hessian mercenaries, and from whence the Founding Fathers were able to negotiate a New Republic, but was the effective starting point of  (((British))) and (((European))) attempts to infiltrate and subsume the United States of America

The First Bank of The United States was the first Central Bank of the United States pushed by the Federalists including Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton (a Founding Father, a Freemason and likely a Rothschild agent) and was granted a twenty year Charter from 1791 to 1811, which was allowed to expire… Five years later the second attempt to centralize America, the Second Bank of the United States was Chartered in 1816 by President James Madison (A Founding Father) and lasted another twenty years until largely thanks to the efforts and Presidency of Andrew Jackson, the bank charter was again allowed to lapse in 1836…

jackson trump

Trump in the foreground, the last president (Andrew Jackson) to kill a central bank in the background – co-incidence?

Even though following 1836 America had no National Bank as such it did not mean that English, French and American interests, bankers and industrialists would not manipulate and finance what would be a first century of near perpetual war, the biggest of the second half of the Nineteenth Century was a face off between the Industrializing North and the Agricultural South, Federalists vs Confederates, culminating in the American “Civil War” (1861-1865) as the North would call it, the War Of Northern Aggression as the South would call it… The Industrialists (and heirs of English Capitalism) won and the centralization of America industrialized the south, and new frontiers moving from East toward West carved largely by the Railroad Cartels post Civil War

20th Century – The Complete Federalization Of America

Q Drop 142

Q Drop #142… The FED (Federal Reserve) is neither Federal nor a Reserve… The history of the Titanic and the Fed are intertwined despite what you would see in Hollyweird blockbusters… The Titanic sank in 1912, one year before the establishment of The Federal Reserve System… Co-incidence?

Fed Titanic

J P Morgan, one of the main financiers of the Titanic, pulled out at the last minute from her maiden voyage… Lucky that!

The final consolidation of America’s States in Federalism would take the Banking Panic of 1907 (engineered among others by another rumoured Rothschild lieutenant in J P Morgan) which precipitated the secret negotiations by Wall Street and New York’s biggest bankers at Jekyll Island, Georgia in late 1910… Thanks to the great work of G. Edward Griffin you can read about the shady origins of the Federal Reserve either through the Creature of Jekyll Island Book or through Youtube, and is well worth the digPassed by an empty Congress two days before Christmas 1913, The Federal Reserve Act came just in time for the First World War, and equipped America with the similar National (Central) Bank apparatus of England, France and Germany, all four controlled by the same puppet masters and old (((European))) money

Coming Money Trust

The goal of the First World War in my opinion was the destruction of Germany’s rising Empire and the slow transfer of the role of Global Policeman from the crumbling British Empire, to the flourishing American Empire… World War I was also an opportunity for the genocidal banker race to suspend the Gold Standard (and a six month long war) and print an additional three and a half years of poverty, rationing, rape and murder, to genocide a generation of Europe’s finest men, traumatize a generation of mothers, fathers, wives and children, to fracture the family unit, to get the women to work, and to despair in religion and embrace nihilism, many of the traditional structures of Western Civilization painstakingly built up over the last two thousand years were shattered in a four year periodAll according to plan


Roaring Twenties And The Great Depression of the 1930’s – Credit Engineered Boom And Bust


The 1920’s and 1930’s as predicted by Alfred Owen Crozier in 1912

Following the War and the epic extension of Fed credit to fund it for its last two years, there was a predictable contraction in credit and a short run recession (the Depression of 1920-21), but the story of the Roaring Twenties was one of credit expansion and the expansion for the first time in the US of consumer credit, fueling technological invention, fashion, and moral debasement and degeneracy which culminated in 1929 (following Fed rate hikes), with the stock market collapse which would usher in the Depressing Thirties… Those hapless American consumers who had borrowed banking credit to invest in a property bubble and the stocks in Wall Street’s gambling casinos had the rug pulled from under them, numerous banks collapsed, unemployment soared, and those remaining banks and bankers most closely connected to the Fed’s lender of last resort status, made out like bandits and collected on the epic debt liquidations in collateral, in property, farms, factories and other family jewels in the great dispossessing of the American Dream

FDR loser

While many will talk of the Nixon Shock as cutting the last vestiges of the Gold Standard, you need to go back to the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 for the end of direct convertibility of gold certificates (paper money) into gold dollars, for it was Sainted Jap interner Franklin Delano Roosevelt that “confiscated” the gold of the American public, or rather made the ownership of gold illegal to American citizens thus effectively forcing American citizens to convert their gold into worthless bank credit, with said gold going into the bowels of the Federal Reserve System or the US Treasury, depending on who you believeThe Franklin Crime and the effective de-monetization of gold as money has to remain THE most audacious crime in American history, and is predictably unknown to ninety nine percent of the American public todayWithin a four year time span from 1929 to 1933 American debtors that got bankrupted by Fed interest rate meddling lost their collateral and their property to the bankers, and America’s savers lost their gold and subsequently FORTY percent of their purchasing power when F.D.R devalued the value of now FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES in circulation (another remarkable banker sleight of hand) from $20.67 per gold ounce to $35.00, and in other words food prices and the costs of goods and services nearly DOUBLED overnightGreat Depression indeed


American’s gold was to be turned over to a Federal Reserve Bank or a member bank of the Federal Reserve System, and yet from my discussions with those more knowledgeable than I, the gold apparently lies with the US Treasury… So who do you believe?

World War II And Bretton Woods


Whereas a crucial part of World War I was the establishment of Bolshevism and Communism in Russia and Wall Street’s financing and maintenance of Capitalism’s more authoritarian step sister, so was World War II the war to save Stalin and expand Communism… As Saint Winston had declared War on Germany for the second time in thirty years, this time for invading Poland, the USSR was also engaged in invading Poland from the East and spreading their murderous and savage pestilence to the West, and which Hitler was routing until Britain’s entrance, Winston also had a secret intelligence line with Saint Franklin in the US in order to drag the world’s only remaining superpower into a new World War… Whichever you want to look at it, the big winners of World War II were The Soviet Union in terms of territory and population (Eastern Europe up to the Berlin Wall), and the Federal Reserve System in terms of assuming the mantle of World Reserve Currency from the British and the Bank of England


In the dying days (July 1944) of the War with Allied Victory assured, the Bretton Woods Conference was convened whence it was hammered out between the victors that the US would become de facto World Reserve Currency, with the Dollar miraculously still somehow pegged to gold at the 1933 ratio of $35.00 per ounce, and with all other currencies freely floating against the USD… What may seem a privilege at first, the printing of the World Reserve Currency under a highly bastardized and tenuous gold standard (remember that gold was still illegal for Americans to own), world reserve currency is a blessing for bankers (read Wall Street) who get to issue the currency at will in exchange for the rest of the world’s resources, while it is a curse for Main Street as it forces debt and consumption upon the American public to replace their jobs that are exported to run the trade deficit that is implicit within reserve currency status, (Triffin’s Paradox or Dilemma), and which I’ll discuss later in more detail as Trump raises tariffs and weakens the dollar’s reserve currency status

The Fifties are largely remembered to history as the “good old days” with stable purchasing power and affordable capital and property, but the strains in the Bretton Woods system were already manifesting, as the bankers printed the deficit and the US gold reserves the rest of the world demanded in payment dwindled, and as the London Gold Pool of the early Sixties meant to rig the global prices of gold would eventually fail, the Welfare and Warfare (Guns and Butter) combo of printing the twenty year Vietnam War, and The Great Society welfare schemes of Lyndon Baines Johnson, the rest of the world became alarmed at US profligacy and started to question whether the US actually had the gold to exchange for their Francs, Pounds, Marks and Yen… It was France’s De Gaulle that finally tested this hypothesis by sending his Warships to fetch the gold, and it was this run on the confidence and the ability of the US Treasury to settle its debts in gold that eventually forced Nixon to shock the world

The Nixon Shock – From Gold Standard to Oil Standard

Oil Gold

The Seventies was a turbulent decade following the severing of the last tenuous link to gold… There were two so-called Oil shocks (1973, 1979), stagflation, capital controls, price controls, embargo’s, energy shortages, and general poverty and inflation throughout the West in the decade that oil rich Middle Eastern goat herders became major Geopolitical Players, especially Saudi Arabia and The House of Saud (+++)While gold was legalized for Americans to own again in 1974, reversing the Franklin Crime, the 1970’s was the replacing of the gold standard with a massive revaluation upwards in the value, price and importance of crude oil to a rapidly globalizing and energy intensive world economy, and which made the Saudi Princes Trillionaires, as they pledged to sell their oil exclusively in US dollars, recycle their oil dollar sales into US treasuries (government debt) and de facto force the world onto the Petrodollar Standard, in exchange for US weapons and the protection of the House of Saud against its enemies, both domestic and foreign… You could even go as far as saying that every war in the Middle East since then has been to benefit Saudi Arabia and to maintain the Petrodollar Standard, the US Military and American blood and taxes have been squandered to maintain the hegemony of the Federal Reserve System and The House of Saud, with the physical removal of anyone bold enough to consider alternatives, that Saddam Hussein (who courted the Euro) and Muammar Gadhafi (who courted gold) and their civilian populations would find out…

Gold 70's

If you just look at left and right sides of this chart, gold went from $50 per ounce to $600 per ounce, a 12X gain in a decade, another way of stating that is the value of the “dollar” fell 12X in 10 years… Remarkable

This system was not established completely smoothly as the above chart makes clear, the legalization of gold ownership and the rampant stagflation of the 1970’s fueled the precious metals bull market of the late seventies, and even led to Reagan’s Gold Commission headed by Ron Paul and charged with investigating going back onto the gold standard, but with hero come villain Fed Head Paul Volcker actually showing the balls to stare down bankers, politicians, and corporate heads and jack up interest rates to nearly 20% and until the pips squeaked, the high cost of lending and borrowing money contracted debt and purged asset values, rewarding savers and penalizing debtors, and lo and behold by 1983 inflation was contained, the bull market in gold had dissipated and it was Morning In AmericaI call Volcker a hero come villain because it was Volcker that saved the Petrodollar, who gave the Fed back some credibility, and which would afford Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen to progressively blow up the world over the next FORTY years, Volcker is a hero of the past to those economists that are fully invested in the “system” and will defend to the hilt inflationary fiat currencies and their worldwide extraction racket, and is a villain of the past to those economists who believe in sound money and realize the economic devastation wrought by inflationary fiat currencies and their worldwide extraction racket… I choose to portray Paul Volcker as an unwitting and in many cases courageous villain in that he to a large degree ensured the perpetuation of this monstrous globalist capital mis-allocation FORTY years past its sell by date


The PetroDollar – Hollowing Out The US

As I consider the World Reserve Currency status of the British Empire during the 19th Century to be its curse, so do I consider the Federal Reserve Note (Dollar) to be America’s enduring curse, and that Trump cannot even begin to Make America Great Again until the Fed is Ended and that a sound money system is re-institutedThe main curse of a Reserve Currency is because it serves the world, it has to open up its economy to the rest of the world, in effect it becomes the hostage of the rest of the world… As you cannot effectively raise tariffs against the rest of the world that certainly can and will raise tariffs upon you, you must run perpetual trade deficits and you must export your corporations, jobs, your production capabilities overseas to your economic rivals, but also allows you to consume the rest of the world’s products with your currency, so American well paying jobs and families have been decimated while still being able to consume with credit that has lead to the last three decade explosion in credit and debt, loans and mortgages, and consuming from the future instead of producing in the present…

The PetroDollar – Cui Bono

I was a former believer in the narrative of a great many of the alternative economist space who view the World Reserve Currency status of the Dollar unambiguously as America’s great privilege, to be able to exchange zero cost printed currency and digits on bankers computer screens for real goods and products of the rest of the world, but the more I think about the more I dismiss this as a highly simplistic and reductionist narrative


As I have already described the PetroDollar has exported the best paying American jobs and replaced them with cheap debt and loans as Flyover America has been reduced from producer and exporter powerhouse to importer and consumer powerhouse, but there are obviously beneficiaries of the PetroDollar system in America, so the question is who?

Corporate profits

Financialization of America’s economy has incentivized corporations to export or dump labour, invest in machines, and buy back their stocks to satisfy bankers, financiers and shareholders

So America’s productive capacity concentrated in Flyover States has been destroyed by the Fed and the Petrodollar to the benefit… of finance and financialization which are largely concentrated on America’s Coasts and their Elites… The main Banks within the Federal Reserve System are in Washington DC (The Marriner Eccles Building, ironically on Constitution Avenue would you believe!), the New York Fed which directs onto Wall Street and its endless casinos, and I would add the Kalifornia Fed in San Francisco as being a large contributor to the tech boom and the concentration of Big Tech Startups in Silicon Valley and their liberal commie leanings… A unique quirk of the Federal Reserve System is its twelve member banks that through the extraction mechanism of the Federal Reserve Note, can suck up wealth, value and production of the vast majority of Flyover America and redistribute through its member banks to enrich these areas where they are located, or the Cantillon Effect as it could be otherwise called… The income and wealth inequality that has exploded throughout America, and especially between its conservative heartlands and its liberal progressive coasts, is no accident

Federal Reserve System

The 12 Member Banks of The Federal Reserve System

Trump, Q, The Gold Standard, And Ending The Fed

Q Drop 2619.png

In answer to my question above on whether the US has the 8,133 tonnes of gold it had before ending gold convertibility, and whether it is stored at the Treasury or the Fed, Q indicates that the gold is there, at the Treasury, and will be used to destroy the FED

As I have opined in many tweets the only way that Trump can Make America Great Again is by Ending The Fed, The Petrodollar, and re-instituting the Gold Standard in the US, which would once again throw a leash over banks and banksters, their money printing and credit creation, remedying the chronic international trade deficits and surpluses built up during the last five decades unpegged from gold, it would decimate both military and welfare spending (a reverse Guns and Butter) and individuals and families would be provided stable and increasing purchasing power of money, and affordable costs of living in terms of goods and services and property valuesIndeed the Gold Standard would be to the benefit of Flyover America and the production heartland, and would be severely damaging to America’s East and West Coast elites, it would hammer Wall Street and Washington DC, and it would severely decrease the credit extended to Silicon Valley “visionairies” in building the totalitarian surveillance shitholes to enslave the worldThe Gold Standard enriches the people and it holds Elites in check, and enforces economic Nationalism, in balancing trade surpluses and deficits in gold, and therefore implicitly means paying for imports with exports, which protects domestic producers and manufacturers while hurting financial merchants and speculative international financing, and therefore produces national stability, internationally, and the very opposite of the Globalism unleashed by the Petrodollar

US trade def

Trump’s Unwinnable Trade War: Gold Explains Why – The only remedy to US Trade Deficits, is a return to a Gold Standard…

Another major by-product of the US returning to a Gold Standard would be to force the rest of the World to return to an International Gold Standard, as the strength of a gold backed dollar would suck out the capital flows of all other countries until they also backed their currencies with gold, which would benefit and prop up individuals and families standards of living, while penalizing bankers, the military, corporations, bureaucrats, warfare and welfare dependents… Sound money produces independence (from government) and consumes dependence (upon government), which also happens to be the ethos of banking oligarchs and feckless politicians, to buy the votes of the dependent and unproductive by redistributing through inflation and taxation from the independent and productive, in essence sound money is a leash upon this re-distribution of wealth and resources, which is the very reason we had to leave the gold standard to begin with, and I imagine will be fought tooth and nail by the US and Global Oligarchics and their neo-liberal lackeys among the media, academia, and the public alike… As I predicted in a late tweet in 2018 when musing over Trump and the Fed, I would not be surprised when the fake news media and empty headed Democrat supporters will be defending the Federal Reserve System and Central Banking! LOL!

Q Drop 195

Some other interesting Q Drops #195, #196, #197 related to the religious/occult nature of gold, and ties into House of Saud, Rothschild, Soros triangle /_\ … That picture is of a Rothschild Ball in 1972, left is Guy de Rothschild and right is wife Marie-Hélène de Rothschild

Ending The Fed – Playing The Long Game

fed act of congress

One year old tweet thread, when Trump was not really talking about the Fed… Now everyone who follows Trump (65 Million followers) gets a near daily dose of Fed bashing…


The Constitution of the Unites States of America makes it clear that only gold and silver issued by the Treasury are constitutional, the Federal Reserve System is a far later appendage that is by its very essence unconstitutional, it was enacted by an empty Congress on the 23rd of December 1913, and is rightly therefore called a “Creature of Congress”While my snarky tweet above about Trump being able to End The Fed unilaterally by Executive Order may be over optimistic and in fact impossible, it is entirely possible, indeed highly probable, that the only way the Federal Reserve System can be ended is by an Act of Congress, and of the revoking of the 1913 ActIndeed for public optics, I would imagine that the US Congress would have to revoke the Act rather than a Trump Executive Order, so it becomes clearer that the Fed cannot be ended in Congress until after the 2020 Elections, when the largest turnover of House members can happen

Which brings us to the next aspect of the Trump Presidency in the First Term that has also been extensively referred to by Q, that of overhauling the Judiciary (The Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Courts System), which can only be approved by the Executive (The President) and consented by the Legislature (Congress, specifically the Senate), that constitute the three branches of the US Federal Government

Trump’s First Term – Draining The Judicial Swamp

Q Drop 1291

Q Drops #1291, #1316, #1318

As the whole of the Judicial Branch was corrupt when Trump took the presidency, the swamp could only be drained at glacial pace from the beginningWith a corrupt FBI and DOJ from the get go, and because the FBI investigates the crimes and the DOJ prosecutes the crimes, they are hardly going to investigate and prosecute their own innumerable crimes are they? Let us not forget here that it was the FBI and DOJ that colluded in the Trump Russian Hoax that has been exhausted by the Fake News Media, behind the covers and in the shadows both departments are being cleaned, call it swamp draining… It started in the DOJ with Jeff Sessions and it is being continued by Bill BarrThe upper echelon of the FBI have been gutted in a very public way during the last twelve months if you haven’t been living under a rock! Who can forget Peter Strzok’s public debacle?!

Q Drop 2070

A large amount of problems Trump has encountered since election have been in the the court system, whether this is enforcing travel bans, building the wall, enforcing immigration laws and deporting illegal immigrants, and many others in a land rife with government regulations and legislation… At the top of this quagmire of avaricious and trigger happy lawyers is of course the Judges, as the arbitors over laws and legislation,  consisting of 94 District Courts, 13 Appeal or Circuit Courts (the Ninth Circuit Court of Kalifornia being a prime pain in the Don’s arse), and topping out with the Supreme Court, which takes president over all the lower courts… Below is a couple of screenshots from March where the tone and resignation of the Guardian piece tells you the extent of Trump’s progress in draining the judicial swamp



It should be notable that Trump has already installed two Supreme Court picks in Neil Gorsuch and the horrendous circus orchestrated by the Dems and the Deep State in their last desperate attempt to stop Brett Kavanaugh from flipping the Court 5-4 to the conservative side

Q Drop 2292

According to Q, Democrats offered to kill the fabricated sexual allegations against Kavanaugh in exchange of the pullback of DECLAS (Declassification of FISA and other classified material which still has yet to drop)… The bait was not taken, Kavanaugh was confirmed and which has set us up for SC judge number 3, when it is decided that RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) pops her clogs… Indeed Q has dropped quite extensively on RBG and what would give Trump a nominal 6-3 Supreme Court conservative slant, and from which there would be no way for the Democrats to challenge or escape their innumerable War Crimes and Civil Crimes

Q Drop 2563

The public announcement of RBG’s death (rumoured she’s long dead already) will unleash another Democrat meltdown… Q Drop #2563 (above) is a rabbit hole in itself on the history of Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

Q Drop 2352

As Q tells it, SC Judge Antonin Scalia was murdered by the CIA (John Brennan), and LL (Loreta Lynch) was promised the next Supreme Court seat, which would have swung the court 6-3 Liberal, and the Dems would have the highest Court in the land to justify their progressive destruction of America… The Supreme Court was and is a key battle for Q and Trump… We can move on to the Legislature…

Trump First Term – Draining The Legislative Swamp (Senate was the Key)

Q Drop 1850.png

No Name ~ John McCain

While the most noise in the Fake News media covering the 2018  Congressional midterms made it all about the House (of Representatives), not much media coverage was devoted to the going on’s in the Senate… While the Senate comprises 100 members (2 members for every state) the House comprises 435 members within the Congressional Districts of every state, and while Senators serve six year terms between elections, House members serve two year terms… While it is the largely powerless House that gets all the media attention the real clout and power lies with the Senate… There was a record turnover in the House in the Midterms of 2018, which gave the Democrats a majority and which was largely prophesied would lead to the impeachment of Trump before he could serve out his first term, and which still hasn’t happened, while the Senate was largely a low key affair with low turnover, and which gave Republicans a majority

As Q would say, why is this relevant? Here’s Drop #2448

Q Drop 2448

Draining the Senatorial Swamp of Republican Never Trumpers and securing a Pro Trump majority so that he can elect his judges, cabinet (State Department, Treasury), and with direct oversight over the DOJ and FBI, draining the Senate allows the faster draining of the Executive and the Judiciary as I described above… Also because Senators serve six years, and due to the staggered system of Senatorial elections, while there are 33 Senators up for re-election in the 2020 Elections, every member of the House will be up for re-election in 2020…


If you had the Senate on virtual lockdown for two years and new (2018) Senators on lockdown until 2024 and the end of the second of Trump’s possible terms, and if you also wanted to discredit your opposition as far as possible in the two years before the 2020 elections, would you just let the Dems infest the House, or would you infest the Dems with actors and plants whose only mission is to discredit the Dems for 2020? If you wanted to corner the legacy Democratic House operatives like Nancy Pelosi and Mad Maxine Waters, would you just not engineer a new flood of batshit radical crazy millennial females to court the youth and to explode on Social Media on the exact medium where the Fake News Media is being outflanked? I have pondered this question often about what The Don terms “The Squad” or AOC+3, the hispanic and female Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Somalian Muslim female Ilhan Omar, the Arabian Muslim female Rashida Tlaib, and African American female Ayanna Pressley, a virtual smorgasbord of minority victim grievance culture crusading to overthrow the white patriarchy? I mean if you wanted to drive the right and the centre toward voting for a Trump second term in 2020 by shifting the Overton Window so far Left that the vast majority of Americans whether Republican or Democrat could not vote for such a radical platform that Trump is forcing the Democrats and the Fake News Media behind them to run, then isn’t this how you secure a landslide in the House and Senate in 2020, and the platform required to drain the ultimate swamp of the Federal Reserve System in your second term?

Securing The Senate – The “Trump Impeachment” Narrative

This narrative of impeaching Trump rears its head every now and then as the Deep State and Dems push Fake News cycles, but I would merely look at it as desperation on their part, every plot of theirs to remove Trump has been foiled for the last two and a half years while he successfully drained their fellow swamp creatures within the federal government… Q has discussed impeachment nearly from inception, so I include Drop #3533, posted on July 29th 2019, intriguingly enough ONE WEEK before 8chan got taken offline, and which is (along with Q) offline two months later… Impeachment is wishful thinking

Q Drop3533

Dems need 66 or 67 members of Senate for impeachment, and the Senate is controlled 53-47 by Republicans… What do you think the chances of impeachment?


The only reason for a Trump impeachment trial would be, because it’s part of the Plan?

Locking Down 2020 – Voter ID (The Insurance Policy)

Q Drop 2479

After having witnessed some of the most blatant voter rigging and manipulation engaged in by the Dems in the 2018 midterms and which has also been a part of the system for decades, one of the Dems prime demographics to secure election in 2020 is illegal immigrants and so open borders and vote rigging go hand in hand, and which the Democratic Party have made into their own over the last decade since Obama… The surest way therefore to neutralize the Democratic Party in 2020 is to deny the vote to illegal immigrants and to offer the vote exclusively to American citizens, is by simply enacting Voter ID Laws, that you must present a valid identification prior to you being allowed to vote

voter id

The above meme puts into perspective how ridiculous a notion it is that anyone fresh off the boat can vote themselves a welfare state without being a taxpayer or even a citizen… Voter ID will only hurt one party, and it couldn’t be more obvious which

Q Drop 3558.png

Q Drop #3558 – posted less than three months ago, Trump is set to ramp up Voter ID going into the elections of 2020 to secure second term… Note that by now even The Hill is linking Trump to Q! LMAO!!!

Trump’s and Q’s First Term – Encapsulation

Q Drop 3178

Trump’s Second Term – Ending The Fed

As I have already discussed while it is conceivable that Trump could End The Fed by an Executive Order, for optics which Q continually tells us are very important, the revocation of the Federal Reserve Charter will likely have to come from Congress, and so will probably take a majority of the House and Senate, and hopefully protected from challenge by an increasingly stacked Judiciary and especially The Supreme Court… In the event of the revocation of the Fed’s charter and unconstitutional money, then money would revert to constitutional money, i.e gold and silver coins and bank certificates (and likely digital credit and/or payment systems) issued by the US Treasury… Indeed if you look at the history of nearly all other Central Banks, the Fed is still largely unique in that it hasn’t been “nationalized”, such as the Bank of England was “nationalized” following World War II and is essentially an extension of the UK Treasury, the Fed is about the only central bank left that is “independent” and thus not sub-ordinate to the government, i.e the US TreasuryThe likely path of neutralization therefore will be the “nationalization” of the Federal Reserve and its absorption into the US Treasury, whilst stripping it of its issuing power and Reserve Currency Status, to be overtaken by Gold and Silver

Divide And Conquer – Politicizing The Fed

As I elaborated in my above tweet on Trump and the Fed, the first step of Ending of Fed is making the Fed famous, and the one thing about Trump is that he will make you famous! Having operated “independently” in the shadows for over a Century, the Fed was hardly known as an institution to over 90% of the American public, despite its central role in the unveiling history of the Twentieth Century, the Fed has always somehow been able to maintain its “independence” (read secrecy) by rebuffing and obfuscating all attempts at exposure and audit, largely through a complicit Fake News Media

Then came Trump

The last year in particular has been the gradual ramping up of Trump rhetoric against the Fed, attacking its “independence” in a way unheard of, and highly triggering to Fake News journos and tenured economists worldwide… Trump has used his Twitter account to publicize all of the Fed’s mistakes and blundering to his Sixty Five Million followers, and I am pretty sure that the Fed has never in American history been exposed to this kind of light and scrutiny by the normies

Trump Fed hate

In the last two months: Trump asks the rhetorical question, the answer is of course the Fed…

The 600 Pound Gorilla In The Room – The Next Financial Crisis

fed tightening cycle

While this game of chicken between Trump and the Fed has been raging the last few months, to be clear, there is only one culprit for the oncoming credit crisis and financial crisis, and that is Federal Reserve interest rate policy, the same interest rate policy that created the Roaring Twenties and The Great Depression, indeed which has created every boom and bust credit and business cycle since its inception… The Fed can lower interest rates creating credit booms and over consumption (the so-called good times), and it is when it hikes rates that is creates credit contractions and under consumption (the so-called hard times)… After lowering interest rates to virtually zero in 2009 they languished there until co-incidentally Trump’s election, whence since the Federal Reserve had instigated a regime of rate hikes, increasing the cost of debt and debt service which has shown up increasingly as a slowdown in the US economy, from mortgage rates and real estate values, to business loans and corporate expansion, to revolving credit and consumption…

fed hikes

Jay Powell will only get the blame for Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen’s actions

What Fed rate hikes have accomplished, other than slowdown the domestic US economy, is to raise the cost of borrowing and carry trades for the rest of the world, World Reserve Currency interest rate meddling has far reaching repercussions for the rest of the world that is largely Euro-dollarized itself, and we have seen some major fallout in emerging markets and China in the last couple of years… And the perpetual tendency of the Fed is to hike too much until the moment of maximum pain, when it is eventually forced to stop hiking rates and end the tightening cycle, before proceeding to again cut rates, unleashing an easing cycle, and setting off the next boom

Q Drop 2575

Q Drop #2595 is now ten months old, and when the Fed was still hiking (the last Fed rate hike of this cycle was December 2018!)… Ten months later and the Fed has not only stopped hiking rates, but has in the last few months cut Federal Funds Rates by 50 basis points (0.5%), largely due to Trump’s belligerent attacks and undermining of Fed Independence… It’s been quite an about turn!

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few months then you will know that the Fed rate hiking has almost certainly ceased, and with the Fed having cut rates now twice (despite Jerome Powell’s jawboning on mid cycle adjustments), the bond market has seemingly sniffed out the bullshit and longer term yields have cratered since the intital rate cut, which has inverted the Treasury Yield Curve and which is currently all the rage on FinTwitter and financial media, and which I was covering years ago… This yield curve inversion basically means that longer term debt (the 10 Year Treasury) is yielding less than short term debt (the 2 Year Treasury), and is considered an abnormality and has a near flawless track record in predicting economic recessions, and which is possibly being used by the Fake News media to try and discredit Trump and actually bring on the next recession in a sort of psychological self fulfilling prophecyIrrespective of what yield curve inversion means for investor psychology, what the yield curve is telling the Fed is that it needs to cut interest rates so that it feeds into shorter term debt premiums so that the curve un-inverts and that longer term yields once again carry a premium over short term debt… This would result in a steepening of the yield curve, and in theory set off the next credit cycle and recession… The history is quite clear on this

yield curve2020

The 3 month / 10 Year Yield curve… Investors get more for lending out three months in the future than they do ten years into the future, an abnormality that will force the FED into cutting rates…

Timelines For Next Recession And Financial Crisis

An inverted yield curve is a very good predictor of recession, but it cannot tell you when… I have been writing on the next recession, credit crunch and financial crisis for the last four years, and every time I thought it would come about the central banks (mostly China’s PBOC) have opened the credit spigots and have goosed interest rates lower and asset prices higher so creating the mirage of an everlasting boom that has created every bust of the past, but obviously trying to time the inevitable is pretty much impossibleStock markets and the housing markets had been widely tipped to collapse once the news of Trump’s election had sunk in on Wall Street and the rest of the world, but stocks and bonds have only ground higher since… While Trump trash talked Obama and the Fed’s economy before he got elected, naturally since he got elected he has had to turn 180 degrees and actively cheerlead the economic “recovery”, because it is now his economy… A recession, credit crunch and financial crisis would wipe out trillions in value from stocks, bonds, pensions funds, insurance funds, cripple the whole financial system, and if it happened before the end of next year in 2020, would severely harm Trump’s re-election credentials which would jeopardize his agenda in Draining The Swamp, and why it’s in his interest at least I believe for this record TWELVE YEAR credit cycle expansion to extend and pretend as long as possible into his second term… Others disagree, and believe that crashing the economy now would allow a recession and recovery to play out before the 2020 election, for a compelling counter-argument to mine I would check out this article, Dear Trump Advisors: Prop The Market Up & Lose In 2020, Or Let It Crash Now And Win In 2020, by Charles Hugh Smith…

In my opinion the best, and possibly, only way to thwart Trump’s continuing Draining of the Swamp, would be to engineer through interest rate meddling the next recession and financial crisis, which they could then pin on Trump, and use to elect the next Democrat President to continue the New World Order agendaSo as I have tweeted many times in the past, this cat and mouse game between Trump and the Fed is perhaps the most important place to be watching for the next few years, the only hope for Trump is to discredit and pin the blame upon the Fed for the next, inevitable financial crisis, and the only hope for the Fed is to discredit and blame Trump for the next financial crisis… It will either be Trump’s Twitter account and Q, or it will be the Fed and its enablers in the Fake News Media that will win the propaganda war, and as Q constantly tells us, optics are important… But to be crystal clear, financial booms and busts are merely the by-product of central bank interest rate meddling, so whether the next bust is blamed upon Trump or the Fed, it will have nothing to do with Trump, and it should be the imperative of the Alternative Media to identify the primary importance of central banking and interest rate policies on the destruction of America this last century, and that the only remedy for this destruction is the destruction of the Federal Reserve System that has engineered all of it

Preparing For A Gold Standard – Trumponomics And Tariffs

Trump tariffs

If what I have described above comes to fruition, that the Fed is indeed ended and that America (and the rest of the world that is forced to follow) goes back to a gold and/or silver standard, it would be a major worldwide reset of the financial system, and would mean massive changes in really all aspects of lifeThe most important aspect that I will discuss here is trade balances and the international trade flows between countries… As I have already discussed, the Petrodollar as a currency unchained to any kind of scarcity has created monumental trade imbalances between countries, from the chronic trade deficits that the main issuers and exporters of currency have to run (the US and because of the City of London’s offshore and dark money shenanigans, the UK), and the chronic trade surpluses that China and Europe have been running, trade deficits hollow out the productive force of currency issuing countries, and trade surpluses hollow out the financial sector of goods producing and exporting countries (have a look at Europe’s banks and banking sector in a negative interest rate paradigm)

Considering the trade and economic perversions unleashed above, then a financial reset and return to a sound and stable international standard would have to enshrine these imbalances, and it would take some time for the imbalances built up during the last five decades of the Petrodollar, to be remedied by a trade neutral standard… For example, during the last five decades America’s productive capacity has been exported by America’s corporations to Europe, China, and Asia mostly, so this productive capacity is not in the US right now, and a gold standard could only change this slowly, as it would put a floor under the purchasing power of America’s producers and savers to rebuild its productive base hollowed out by inflation and the Dollar… But it would be an even more prudent policy to try to onshore as much of America’s productive capacity as possible BEFORE the return to a gold standard, which ties into one of Trump’s main economic policies in his first term, import tariffs

Tariffs – Cause And Effect

Tariffs are an interesting economic phenomenon that are misunderstood by many, especially those of the “free market” persuasion who seem to believe that a global financial system based on central banking is “Free markets”The problem for world reserve currency issuers (as the British found during the 19th Century) is that they cannot really have any capital controls (read import tariffs) because free trade and zero tariffs is the sine qua non of being able to export your currency to the rest of the world, however this does not mean that your international competitors cannot and will not levy tariffs upon you… This is the basic history of the Nineteenth Century by which Britain and the reserve currency role of Pound Sterling engaged in free trade economics with the rest of the world, while its main international competitors (France, Germany, America) while accepting Pound Sterling as international currency, also practiced a policy of import tariffs, which protected and built up the productive capacity of both the US and Germany during the Nineteenth Century while undermining the productive capacity of Britain, and which ultimately led to the First World WarIt was “Free Trade” that destroyed the British Empire, exactly like “Free Trade” has destroyed America


An excerpt from Patrick Buchanan ‘s piece on Tariffs, worth a read

So what happens when a world reserve currency decides to reverse course and practice import tariffs? This is an extremely interesting question… The answer is that placing tariffs upon international competitors increases competitors costs while reducing the consuming power of the world reserve currency issuers, as we are now seeing the corporations that exported America’s plant to China, in the wake of Trump’s trade war on China, are beginning to move operations out of China into other low cost Asian Nations for now, which if Trump then tariffs, will have to move elsewhere again, and eventually back to America… So Trump’s Tariff Wars principally with China and The EU is about repatriating corporate production capacity back to America, and all the attendant wages and jobs that would entail for AmericansThe price Trump and America have to pay for this new Nationalist trade policy is sabotaging the world reserve currency status of both the Federal Reserve and the “Dollar”Because you impose tariffs upon your competitors which previously had free access in selling you their products for freely issued currencies, they now have an incentive to de-dollarize, i.e instead of utilizing the dollar as international trade lubricant, they are incentivized to either settle trade in their own currencies or build some other international payment system that by-passes the DollarThe price America will have to pay for tariffs on imports is the incremental loss of the reach of the dollar, which will hurt those that consume imports (in higher prices), and it will also be inflationary for the Dollar that loses the international trade that currently backs the Dollar, which will reduce the purchasing power of the Dollar for Americans in consuming foreign products at least, while also making domestic products more competitive and with expatriated jobs and wages also making Americans more able to consume domestic produce


The waning reach of the Dollar as world reserve currency will also be negative for its issuer, for let us not delude ourselves, the Dollar is not really to the benefit of ordinary Americans, as even getting to consume cheap foreign goods on credit from abroad has not made up for the millions of jobs and trillions in wages that the Petrodollar has exported to the rest of the world over the last fifty years, tariffs hurts the issuer of world reserve currency, which also happens to be the Federal Reserve and Trump’s main nemesisReduction in the reach and power of the Dollar hurts the standing of the Federal Reserve System, its extractive power over America and of the rest of the worldTariffs are one more tool to weaken the Fed

The Casualties of Trump’s Tariffs – The Rest Of The World’s Exporters


I have read and listened to many experts in their discussions of a “financial reset” and most consider it to be an overnight and painful event, one day we can be on the Petrodollar/Eurodollar Standard and the next day we will have successfully transitioned to a new standard using gold or World Reserve Currency Status being usurped by some other country (China being the favourite of many experts)Alas, any semblance of an economic (read currency) reset cannot come about without a huge amount of pain, tremendous inflation and loss of purchasing power of currency, and monumental shifts in global supply chains and the working out of huge trade imbalances it has taken FIFTY YEARS to build upReal life just ain’t this simpleAs Trump enacts tariffs on China (with more to come on the EU) then China’s productive base will be hit, jobs will be lost, supply chains will go out of business and it will create economic instability and misery for Chinese workers that are as much victims of the Petrodollar as anyone elseThe counter-tariffs China has placed upon America’s farmers in exporting commodities such as soybeans and pork is also creating misery, debt delinquencies, and defaults for US agriculture, and I can understand why Trump has pledged myriad subsidies and bailouts for American farmers to attempt to soften the blow of these uncomfortable trade warsNo-one really wins from a tariff and trade war, but I can understand why Trump is engaging in them, if the US is to return to a Gold Standard, it is imperative however painful in the short term that America’s productive base is repatriated as far as possible before the return to the Gold Standard

Gold Standards – Domestic And International

Gold standard

This is a pretty speculative section but will discuss how the likely return to gold will play out both on the domestic level for America, and how a international gold standard can operate

Domestically, if the US goes back to constitutional money, then the Federal Reserve System will be revoked by Congress and money will once again be issued without interest (read usury) by the US Treasury, the Constitution only giving the right for the Treasury to issue gold and silver specie, so the base money of the US would be gold and silver coins exchanging at a certain ratio, whether a fixed ratio (see Coinage Act of 1792 pushed by Alexander Hamilton) or preferably a floating ratio that will not create surpluses or shortages of either gold or silverHowever the Constitution is also two hundred and fifty years old, and even though the Treasury has issued paper substitutes in the past (gold and silver certificates) we now live in the digital world, of bank transfers, debit cards, and paying for stuff digitally… So the Treasury could implement a digital currency system direct, or it could co-ordinate a system of precious metals base money and outsource the issue of digital currency to private or commercial banks and payment processing companies (which is the norm currently)… How could the Treasury regulate banks and payment processors is by fully auditing gold and silver reserves of the banks before they are allowed to operate, and to make sure that they cannot create credit out of thin air and un-backed by the precious metals lying in their bank vaultsThis type of system would also eliminate credit cards, in that these credit card companies could not operate without base money themselves, which would transform them basically into Debit Card companiesCredit largely disappears with a sound money system

The international gold standard would largely follow what was in place before 1971, but would again be separate from the domestic systemYou see the world reserve currency would not be the dollar, but gold and/or silver, other currencies would be forced to also peg their currencies to a gold standardYou could then no longer run trade deficits without a commensurate run on domestic gold reserves, exports would have to be settled in gold and imports would have to be settled in gold leading to trade balances being settled in a scarce and finitely produced commodity, and the opposite of being able to issue currency out of thin air to purchase the rest of the world’s goodsAs the current system of trade imbalances has been created by America and the Petrodollar and as the world is already to a large part dollarized, I argue that it is only the US that can extinguish dollarization by gold re-monetizationThe logistics and mechanics of gold re-monetization is a fascinating subject in itself

Consequences of a Gold Standard – Extinguishing Debt (Bankers)

There are a few ways to describe the return to a gold standard, domestic and international… I have discussed in past posts gold as the shackle on money printing in that even with minimal reserve backing of gold, bankers and governments cannot freely print money, in that the currencies they can create from thin air has to be redeemable for the underlying precious metals that CANNOT be printed, only costly produced and with an intrinsic finity of production, therefore the purchasing power of the money is tethered to the finity of economic productionWhen economic production which is always costly and labour/capital intensive to produce is exchanged for money or currency that is also costly and labour/capital intensive to produce, then purchasing power of money, that all important lifeblood of material living standards is stabilized… Gold is a chain upon government spending and the money wasted by tax eating politicians and bureaucrats, it inhibits the new printing into existence of governmental and tax agencies, and it keeps a ceiling on asset and capital values that governments have historically used to tax the “gains” on property as the purchasing power of money was debauched…

For the bankers, a hard money standard will accurately reflect the pool of savings in an economy that sets the interest rates that banks could borrow and lend at, interest rates will stabilize at a far higher level than today, and at a rate that would incentivize savers to deposit their money in banks, and could be used to lend out (at a far higher rate than today) to entrepreneurs and capitalists seeking to invest… Depending on the hardness of money (read the extent bankers can fractionally reserve on top of money) interest rates will reflect the scarcity of money, which means far higher interest rates both on depositing money and for borrowing money, savers getting an income for the risk of lending their money to bankers, and forcing the bank to be very judicious, discriminatory and careful about who they will lend money to… What this means in general is to lower the time preference of society (even with higher interest rates) and incentivizes production and saving and inhibits borrowing and consumption, so less and less speculative and unproductive investment can be squandered… This hard money standard will also collapse the size and scale of banks and that has been printed into existence by infinite credit creation, forcing banks out of speculative investment banking (read stocks and bonds) and back to the traditional role of banking, that of an intermediary between saver and borrower… A financial system based upon scarcity is unrecognizable from the financial system that exists today, in terms of banks, governments, and corporations…

The harder the money standard and the closer the precious metals are to the average citizen and common man, the harder it is to forge currency for banks and governments, thus the more they are reined in, the less dependent the citizenry are on banks and governments, which breeds independence and a strengthened social order as a result… For a full discussion on sound money and deflation as it pertains to banks, governments, militaries and corporations, see my previous posts on Deflation And Real Estate (Capital Values), and Deflation and The Digital Dark Age, Labourism Not Capitalism (The Rise of Bitcoin, the Fall of the Machines)

How A Gold Standard Impacts Bitcoin – Slowing Down Adoption

My banking trilogy and indeed all my other posts in general discuss this epic battle of credit systems, between centralization and decentralization, inflation and deflation, poverty and wealth, dependence and independence, whoever controls the money controls the world as dear old Henry Kissinger would have it… So remove gold out of the equation for a second and concentrate on this relationship between banking and Bitcoin, as Bitcoin was built from scratch it had zero value in the early days, and then a few exchanges were built that allowed a miniscule number of visionaries to own it, and the price goes up, feeding more holders and incentivizing new exchanges, and so on… Add a few epic run ups in value and epic run downs in value, and you arrive at today, ten years later and when all the juicing the central banks have done since 2009 is about to come to a devastating crash once again, as the negative interest rates on trillions in debt over the world attests… Zero Interest Rate Policy for the last decade have made banks more and more unprofitable, and it is no co-incidence that the lower rates in Europe have crippled and will effectively destroy the European Banking System in the next few years, as I have described in all my banking posts (1, 2 and 3), I predicted that these insolvent and unprofitable banks would pivot away from (now negatively yielding) debt and into sovereign non debt (and non yielding, which is still a better yield than negative) assets… The fact that these non debt yielding “assets” (read currencies) are scarcely issued and cannot be printed from thin air, can and will be used as the collateral to re-monetize and re-capitalize a debt based system where leverage and profitability is trading near or outright negativeWhat this means in plain English is basically revaluing gold and Bitcoin, as the rising value of gold and Bitcoin increases the value of the collateral being held and exchanged by banks and/or central banks, insurance funds, pension funds, mutual funds, bond funds, exchange traded funds, basically the whole financial system as and when they decide to hoard reserves of gold and Bitcoin

As the value of fiat drains as they print more and more of it, then naturally the value of gold and Bitcoin rises, especially as negative yielding debt makes both oxy-moronically yielding assets… Because of the nature of the control of the bankers over the gold futures markets, as I have described in my gold posts, the main three exchanges that set the futures prices of gold are the COMEX run by the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) in Chicago, the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) in London and the Shanghai Gold Exchange in China, and have mercilessly rigged the futures prices of precious metals in order to mask the blatant inflation and loss of purchasing power that rising precious metals would indicateBitcoin on the other hand is traded on hundreds of exchanges, regulated and unregulated, has no history connected to the banking system (as gold always has), indeed Bitcoin exchanges have proliferated worldwide dependent on national regulations and regulators, who are answerable to national governments and banks, and so far banks and governments have been entirely unable to stem or stop Bitcoin and its ascending value, in fact as I extensively discussed in my last post on Bitcoin and exchanges, it is banks and governments that are now working out the regulations required to allow their institutions to buy both gold and Bitcoin as a hedge against fiat currency destructionBut to allow their institutions to be able to legally and securely own gold and Bitcoin, the banks and their central bank overlords in concert with the US Treasury and/or the Fed will have to loosen the reserve requirements that allows Wall Street, The City of London and the Eurodollar/Petrodollar system in general to hold these assets, and which will require regulated exchanges, certified custodians and other warehousing solutions, to safely store and account for the underlying commodities… This will happen for gold as part of a return to a gold standard, and it is happening with Bitcoin as Wall Street backed exchanges such as Bakkt and the coming flood of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and other financial derivatives will rapidly develop, as long as the price and value of both gold and Bitcoin keep going upWhich gets us to re-valuation

I have heard it asked of many Bitcoin experts and fanatics if there is anything that could kill Bitcoin, and the only really compelling answer I have heard back is that the only way to “kill” Bitcoin would be the return to government sound moneyBitcoin was forged out of the fires of the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, and has grown to its extent today because of the money printing and debasement of the fiat currencies of the world by central bankers… The more the bankers print, the more value and wealth will be converted into Bitcoin, which drives its increasing value and adoption credentials among the general public, and fuels more and more regulated and unregulated exchanges and trading… Bitcoin I would go far as saying only exists because of how much money and currency have been abused by bankers, and so in my opinion a revaluing of gold (read a sound money gold standard) and stable or increasing purchasing power would negate a large part of the attraction of Bitcoin as an independent standard and measure of value, stable purchasing power means that you would no longer be forced into buying bitcoins which would dampen speculation and would severely slow down Bitcoin’s compounding currency bull runs and gains for investorsA re-valuation of gold would in my opinion equate with a devaluation in the potential value of Bitcoin, and possibly for a fair few years in the future, and cocky Bitcoiners (much like fiat currency religionists) who laugh and point and mock gold as an archaic and arcane rock, should be far from arrogant and dismissive of this possibility as a government counter-weapon against Bitcoin, gold is the government and central banks last ace in the hole to strike back against Bitcoin, to re-monetize a system which they can control over monetizing a system that they cannot control… While I have described in a past post how Bitcoin Adoption Demographics will play out, with the Millennial generation driving Bitcoin adoption at the expense of later adopting Boomers still trapped in the world of fiat currencies and banks, if the same banks and fiat currencies were backed by and/or redeemable for gold and silver coins or bullion, then Boomers would have no incentive to ditch fiat currencies and banks and the Millennials would have far less incentive to ditch the banks…

So does gold threaten Bitcoin’s future? While I argue it could be highly detrimental to Bitcoin’s main value proposition (it’s currency value and price) in the short to medium term, over the long term Bitcoin is far more than a currency, it is also an independent ledger and network outside of the control of banks and governments in a way that gold has always been unable to escapeBecause gold is by its very nature an inert metal and commodity, its scarcity and store of value properties were the foundation for the banking system that built its fraudulent and fractionally reserved ledger and currencies upon, with Bitcoin you cannot separate the currency from the fraud-proof and distributed ledger with no central counter-party or issuer, indeed the only way you can account for bitcoins (the currency) is by use of Bitcoin (the ledger) a publicly pseudonymous accounting mechanism that anyone can verify, and the opposite of the secretive ledgers run in the shadows by genocidal criminals that is the history of the banking systemSo adoption of Bitcoin may slow in the short term, but the only way of slowing Bitcoin adoption in the long term is for the new gold standard to maintain honesty and integrity, indeed I think that is the priceless social function that Bitcoin can play as overseer and escape valve for a new gold standard, in that if the gold standard is abused and should the fractional reserve machinations of either banks or the US Treasury begin to dilute the value and purchasing power of Dollars, then it will show up in the ballooning price of Bitcoin

A last word on this fascinating future interface between gold and Bitcoin, I have noted that Q has never commented on Bitcoin, even once… I expect that to change, and I will be exceedingly intrigued, given the rumours of the connections between Bitcoin and the NSA since the early days, what Q’s views on Bitcoin may be… Although Bitcoin is an open source project now maintained and improved by a meritocratic system of developer contributions and collaboration from all over the world, the origins and genesis of Bitcoin is still largely unknown and secretive, bound up in the ultimate Kaizer Soze that is the long disappeared Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of BitcoinIf you are looking for the ultimate conspiracy theory and the ultimate long game, could it be possible that Q Directory of [N]o [S]uch [A]gency launched Bitcoin as the crowning achievement of cryptography (cryptography and the internet was invented by Intelligence Agencies) a decade ago as the ultimate bulwark and protection measure against civilizational collapse and Illuminati barbarism?


In this 15,000 word post (so far) I have barely scratched the surface of Q, have posted maybe 50 Q Drops out of over THREE THOUSAND, and I have only discussed him in the context of his blatantly obvious connections to the Trump administration, and their plan for ending the Federal Reserve System and returning to the gold standard, but Q has only posted on the Fed and gold a handful of times… I have not touched on Q’s posts regarding Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia (Alice & Wonderland), the Democratic Party and the Fake News Media, Jeffrey Epstein, George Soros, illegal immigration, the global narco drug trade, the environmental pacts, charity and NGO matrix of money laundering and fraud, the Catholic Church, the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel, the history of the CIA and other alphabet agencies that have taken over America, I have not even mentioned the Wall… Q has dropped a tonne of intelligence over the last two years, that if you research and can decode, will take you down innumerable rabbit holes into the history and the present of the paedo satanic death cult of the Thirteen bloodline families who have distorted and created modern Clown World, in my opinion Q is nothing less than the biggest insider intelligence leak to the public in world history, Deep Throat on steroids, and in combination with the Trump Administration’s draining of the swamps infesting Western, and by extension worldwide governments, that ultimately originates with the worldwide central bank matrix… My rationalization as to why Q would decide to leak all this information to the public which necessarily compromises the secrecy of the inner working of Elite control and power, and by-passes National Security Laws that was and is the foundation of the National Security State and this asymmetry of intelligence between Elites and the great unwashed, is that a faction of the US Military (Elites) believes that it is their best interest and of the Republic they are charged with defending in attempting to avert the societal collapse and barbarism of every previous Republic and Empire, by a roundabout way and over a possible eight year period (Two Trump Terms), both leak the workings of the “Deep State” and the Republic’s un-elected government, and through Donald Trump and the power of the Executive (The Presidency), clean out the Judiciary and Legislature as I have previously explained in some detail


Credit to @MartinGeddes for summing up Q

For the last ten years, since the last financial crisis, I have been researching its origins, and researching solutions and remedies to the entire matrix of currency and control that goes back centuries, I have studied gold in serious depth and since 2013 I have studied Bitcoin in serious depth, and both have given me hope as bulwarks against the inflation, debauchment and debasement of fiat currencies and all its societal ills, but especially with Bitcoin and a sovereign ledger independent of fiat currencies, gave me major and continuing hope that the melting down of fiat currencies fueling another world war and hyperinflationary collapse, could be largely mitigated by an electronic ledger and currency system, and save us a brutal and catastrophic descent into a New Dark Age

But if Bitcoin was my ultimate backstop against barbarism, then the last two years of following Q Drops has given me further hope that even the collapse of the fiat currency system that gave us Capitalism and Communism in the 20th Century, could be contained and gradualized, without the World War and hyperinflation… Having come across Q at the tail end of 2017 a few weeks after he started dropping, I have read and researched every drop since, connected many dots, and done many hundreds of hours of research on this subject in the last two years, research into the questions Q have posed, which have lead me to a renewed interest and knowledge of History, Law, The US Constitution, Federal branches of the US Government, The Federal Reserve System, Intelligence Agencies and the Intelligence Apparatus of the West’s Military Industrial Complex, and biggest of all, that the US, Western and worldwide governments (all of them with Rothschild Central Banks) consist of factions, of people who are trying to perpetrate evil on the public that they control, and people who are trying to subvert the evil that is being directed upon the public, as evidenced by the mammoth intelligence whistleblower that is Q

NSA: Q Directory – Security and Counterintelligence… Too obvious???

So this is where we are… Late in 2019, with Q offline, and with the latest  frantic and desperate impeachment by the Democratic Party, working as political puppets of the higher ups and those really in control in trying to remove Trump from office, as the declassification of crime and punishment of these satanic psychopaths in the realms of paedophilia (Epstein), human trafficking (the reports of crackdowns are everywhere), narcotic drugs (massive busts occurring frequently), the Ukraine bombs that will take down Biden and many others, the Declassification of FISA docs showing the Obama, MI6 and the filthy British government, and Five Eyes collusion in spying on candidate Trump, that has been sat on and kept as dry powder until the time was ripe, which is getting closer by the day… You can tell from Trump’s Twitter Account that with the foundations now in place and the house cleaning within the State Department, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, mostly done, now comes the pain and the possible take down of the secret cabal that runs the world… I will be watching very carefully from now the escalating cat and mouse game between Trump and the Fed, the next recession and financial crisis, and how both adversaries play their cards, and who is able to successfully blame the other for blowing up the American and world economies, and I am open to this blow up before the 2020 elections or following the 2020 elections, it is impossible to tell at this stage… And all of the Deep State meltdown we have witnessed since Epstein’s take down until now has been playing out without a peep from Q, 8chan is still down and re-building from its Cloudflare problems with public statements that keep getting delayed that 8chan will soon be up and stronger than ever, and I do expect that 8chan will come back online and that Q comes back to continue posting, but the show is pretty much running itself without him at this point

I finish on a personal note, it took me eight months to write this post, five months to think it out and the last three months to write it out… I have put a tremendous amount of of time and work into attempting to explain what is going on around us at this point in history, especially the last three years since the Brexit – Trump one two sucker punch combination that struck Britain and America in 2016 that has destabilized the whole globalist order, and the post Bretton Woods Petrodollar arrangement that is slowly being dismantled which really began with the initial purge in Saudi Arabia and when Q started posting in late 2017, the trade wars, the publicity and increasing controversy surrounding the Federal Reserve System, and the controlled rise in the price of gold to recent all time highs in every fiat currency except the Dollar, we are seeing continuing confirmations of what Q has been cryptically dropping on 8chanWriting this post has not come easy to me because my default view prior to Q was that no government would ever voluntarily return to a sound money standard, and that hyperinflation would be the only realistic final destination of all of the world’s fiat currencies, and the descent into barbarism that would chaotically  accelerate the value of precious metals and crypto-currenciesThe emergence of Q and watching how world events have unfolded since have forced me to reconsider the impossible, and to consider and indeed contemplate the possibility that practically no-one wants to discuss, the implications of governments voluntarily returning to a gold standard and the economic repercussions this will inevitably have not just on fiat currencies and central banking, but also on the adoption of BitcoinAs an anarchist who believes that money and currency should be decentralized and regulated by the people and which is diametrically opposed to the government fiat over money that has been enshrined in the West since the Reformation and the subsequent centralized, legalized and serial fractional abuse of the issue of money and credit, on the other hand I’m acutely aware of the societal destruction worldwide hyperinflation of fiat currencies would unleash, and so if you give me the choice between sound money regulated by governments and the collapse of warfare (military) and welfare (government) by 90% in the short to medium term, as an anarchist I would call that a great deal of societal progress

As for Q Mission, I have not much doubt these Q Drops will become in the next decades one of the most studied subjects and education courses of the Twenty First Century, this most audacious and monumental feat of military planning and execution of a slow motion worldwide government counter-coup, which according to Q was planned for at least three years prior, and will likely continue to unravel until at least 2024, if or when The Don completes his second Term… This post will only become more relevant as the days, weeks, months and years tick on… The Great Awakening and The Storm has barely even begun… Enjoy the show!

Q Drop 60

Those who know the full scale of Q Mission, of this worldwide government counter-coup, number less than ten, of which only three of are non military… Less than ten people are responsible for a worldwide counter-coup…

Let. That. Sink. In…

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